Trevor Brazile & Luke Branquinho return to PRCA for 2017 Season

Thanks to our friend,  Ruth Nicolaus & Tri State Livestock News for  the summary of this excellent story of Top ERA and Past World Champions returning to the PRCA for the new rodeo season.


43 ERA cowboys return to PRCA


Ruth Nicolaus
for Tri-State Livestock News

The absence of certain cowboys at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo had some fans wondering if some top rodeo athletes are gone for good.

The answer is, maybe not. 

The PRCA’s by-law, requiring that its members not have financial ownership in another rodeo organization with two or more events, forced the hand of some cowboys. Some competitors turned in their ERA shares so they could rodeo in the PRCA. But some cowboys hung on to their shares through the end of the rodeo year.

Because the ERA is a privately held organization, its financial records are not open to the public. If cowboys want to buy their PRCA cards for the 2017 rodeo year, which is already underway, they must sign an affidavit, stating that they do not hold financial interest in the ERA. 

There is no list of cowboys who have turned in their ERA shares and bought their PRCA card; the only way fans can tell if cowboys have returned is by looking for them at rodeos, or perusing the PRCA’s rodeo results for those names. Twenty-three-time world champion Trevor Brazile is a 2017 PRCA member, as is steer wrestler Luke Branquinho, who took third place at the Bakersfield, Calif. rodeo, Sept. 30-Oct. 1.

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