Fabiano Vieira makes a perfect ride on Roy for 90.25 and wins the event. Photo By: Andy Watson/BullStockMedia.com

By: Jordan Marie Johnson - PBR.com


  • Fabiano Vieira posted a 90.25-point ride on Roy (Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls), half-brother to the PBR’s greatest bucking bull Bushwacker, to capture the victory.
  • He earned a total of 500 points toward the PBR world standings after a fourth-place showing in Round 1, a second-place finish in Round 2, and a first- place finish in the event aggregate. The win moved him from No. 5 into the No. 2 spot in the PBR world standings.
  • Sweet Pro’s Bruiser (D&H Cattle Co./Buck Cattle Co.) won the Salem NationaLease High-Marked Bull award in Sacramento with his career-high 46.5-point score.


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Before a record-breaking sellout crowd of more than 12,400 fans, the PBR’s (Professional Bull Riders) Fabiano Vieira won the Sacramento Invitational, as the Sleep Train Arena hosted its last elite Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) event ever. More than 20,000 fans attended the event over the two days of competition.

Vieira posted a 90.25-point ride on Roy (Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls), half-brother to the PBR’s greatest bucking bull Bushwacker, to capture the victory. He earned a total of 500 points toward the PBR world standings after a fourth-place showing in Round 1, a second-place finish in Round 2, and a first- place finish in the event aggregate. The win moved him from No. 5 into the No. 2 spot in the PBR world standings. Watch Vieira’s winning ride here.

Two-time and reigning PBR World Champion J.B. Mauney picked up 60 points in Round 2 for his second place finish, 100 points for winning the Built Ford Tough Championship Round with his 91.25-point effort atop Brutus(Bob & Jeri Adams/D&H Cattle Co./Buck Cattle Co.) – the high-marked ride of the event – and 240 points for his second place finish in the event aggregate for a total of 400 world standings points on the weekend. Here is the ride which helped him secure the second place finish in the event. 

Lachlan Richardson, the leader heading into the championship round, placed third overall after failing to cover his last round bull, Jack Daniel’s After Party (Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve). The Australian picked up 245 much-needed world standings points to avoid being a victim of the first BFTS tour cut.

Eduardo Aparecido collected 155 points toward the world standings with his fourth-place finish, while Round 1 winner Stormy Wing took fifth place for 145 world standings points.

Rounding out the Top 7 was last week’s Anaheim Invitational winner Tanner Byrne, who picked up 125 points toward the world standings for sixth place, and rookie Wallace de Oliveira took seventh place for 120 world standings points.

Sweet Pro’s Bruiser (D&H Cattle Co./Buck Cattle Co.) won the Salem NationaLease High-Marked Bull award in Sacramento with his career-high 46.5-point score. Bruiser tossed Aparecido in 4.98 seconds during the championship round for his winning out (http://filesend.pbr.com/?fs=2942-bfa53c66cc72). This is the second consecutive week that the ABBI Classic Champion has posted the highest bull score at a BFTS event.

All the action from Round 2 and the championship round of the Sacramento Invitational will air on CBS Sports Network, Sunday, Feb. 7 at 4 p.m. ET.

Sacramento was the fifth of 26 stops on the 2016 Built Ford Tough Series. The tour will head to the Midwest next weekend, stopping in St. Louis, on Feb. 12-14, for the Bass Pro Chute Out, presented by Cooper Tires at the Scottrade Center. 

Following Round 2 on Saturday, Feb. 13, the sport’s top bovine athletes and best bull riders will compete in a special round of competition, the PBR’s third 15/15 Bucking Battle of the season. The series’ Top 15 riders will be randomly matched against the 15 highest-ranked bulls in this round, competing for bonus points which count towards the PBR world standings and a total purse of $21,000.

CBS will broadcast the 15/15 Bucking Battle on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 12 p.m. ET.

Round 3 and the Built Ford Tough Championship Round of the Bass Pro Chute Out will air on CBS Sports Network on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 8 p.m. ET. Fans can also watch all of the action in real time on PBR LIVE online at www.pbr.com/live, or via the PBR LIVE app, which is available for download now on Google Play and iTunes.

The BFTS is televised every week on CBS, CBS Sports Network and networks around the world. BFTS telecasts are produced for the PBR under a multi-year agreement with David Neal Productions, a Los Angeles-based production company led by 34-time Emmy® Award winner and Peabody Award winner David Neal, who serves as executive producer.

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By: Justin Felisko February 06, 2016 - PBR.com


J.B. Mauney rides Hash Tag for 86.5 points. Photo by Andy Watson / BullStockMedia.com.


  • J.B. Mauney finished Round 1 of the Sacramento Invitational in second place with an 86.5-point ride on Hash Tag.
  • Mauney was returning to action after missing the final two nights of the Anaheim Invitational because of food poisoning.
  • The two-time World Champion is eighth in the world standings.



SACRAMENTO, Calif. – It was 2:30 in the morning last Saturday when J.B Mauney woke up and tried to make his way to the bathroom in his hotel room at the Ayres Hotel in Anaheim, California.

Mauney felt sick to his stomach, lightheaded and couldn’t see straight by the time he stumbled his way into the bathroom.

He quickly began to realize the next 24 hours were going to be rough.

Instead, 24 hours turned into 48 hours and two missed opportunities to nod his head at the Anaheim Invitational.

“Friday night after the bull riding we went to eat and I couldn’t eat,” Mauney said. “I had a drink and I was sipping it and I told Samantha (Mauney’s girlfriend) we need to go. About 2:30 in the morning Saturday I started getting sick and it didn’t stop.”

Mauney returned to competition on Friday in Sacramento with an 86.5-point ride on Hash Tag after missing Rounds 2 and 3 of the Anaheim Invitational last weekend with food poisoning.

He is sitting in second-place heading into the final night of competition at Sleep Train Arena. Mauney has ridden eight of 14 bulls this season and has yet to buck off two consecutive bulls.

At first Mauney thought it was just a simple stomach bug in Anaheim. He had ridden through illnesses in the past before, but as the morning progressed, and his condition worsened, he began to realize his chances of attempting to nod his head were getting gloom.

Mauney eventually found enough strength in the middle of the day to make a trip to Urgent Care where he received a bag of fluids and some medicine.

He had a 102-degree fever and it was only going up as the day went on. His body would feel on fire, but he couldn’t find enough blankets or comforters in his hotel room to help him actually feel warm on the inside.

“It didn’t do nothing,” Mauney said. “I could take a drink of water and I would throw up. It was coming from both ends. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t do nothing. I was hoping the fluids would help me feel good enough to go to the bull riding, but as soon as I got back I knew we better to tell them I ain’t making it.

“I couldn’t make it more than 10 minutes. That is why we even waited to later in the day on Saturday before I even went to Urgent Care.”

So what was the culprit of the food poisoning?

Well, Mauney believes it all started with some chicken wings he had in San Diego on Thursday when in town for an autograph signing.

“In San Diego, we had ordered chicken wings and I fell asleep before they got there,” Mauney said. “The next morning I got up to go to a signing and when we came back it was right around lunch time and I saw them wings still sitting there. I grabbed one of them and ate it. That is the only thing I could think of.”  

It was a rare occurrence to have Mauney scratched from the draw because of an illness. Regardless, he is still the No. 8 bull rider in the world standings and trails world leader Paulo Lima by only 700 points.

“Usually feeling bad don’t bother me and I would still go to the bull riding,” said Mauney, who had to reschedule his return flight home to Monday night. “I was so weak I could barely walk to the bathroom. It hit me and it didn’t stop until probably about Monday morning.

“Then Tuesday I was fine.”

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By: Justin Felisko - PBR.com


Sweet Pro's Bruiser set a new career-high on Saturday. Photo By: Andy Watson/BullStockMedia.com


  • SweetPro’s Bruiser set a new career-high with a 46.5-point outing on Saturday night.
  • Bruiser was marked 46.25 points last weekend in Anaheim when he bucked off Valdiron de Oliveira in 5.83 seconds.
  • The 2014 ABBI Classic Champion is averaging 45.25 points in three outs this season, and he has outscored Long John in back-to-back weeks.



SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Here are three things we learned from the Sacramento Invitational at Sleep Train Arena this weekend.

Bruiser sets career-high with 46.5-point bull score

SweetPro’s Bruiser must be getting tired of being in the shadows of his brother and 2015 World Champion Bull SweetPro’s Long John.

For the second consecutive week, Bruiser surpassed the 46-point threshold and the D&H & Cattle Company bovine athlete set a new career-high with a 46.5-point outing on Saturday night.

Bruiser burst out of the bucking chute with Eduardo Aparecido on his back and turned back closer to the chutes then normal before elongating with a high kick to dislodge the 25-year-old bull rider.

Dillon Page was at first worried with how close Bruiser was to the bucking chutes, but he then realized Bruiser came to play.

“He turned so quick and the way he got off the ground, he was explosive,” Page said. “He stepped it up tonight. I don’t know. It is unbelievable. He had it on his mind tonight. When he left there, it was nothing but he wanted to buck. I was afraid it was to close when he first started, but he just pulled his head in and around he come.”

CBS Sports Network commentator and stock contractor J.W. Hart added, “He looked outstanding. It will be interesting to see over the total of this year. When they start figuring out that bull. I think if they start riding him he is going to change something. I don’t know if he is going to make one round in the gate and take off. The guys are catching on to him and he in turn will have to pay the favor back.”

Bruiser was marked 46.25 points last weekend in Anaheim when he bucked off Valdiron de Oliveira in 5.83 seconds.

The 2014 ABBI Classic Champion is averaging 45.25 points in three outs this season, and he has outscored Long John in back-to-back weeks.

It still wasn’t a bad night by any means for Long John. The defending World Champion was marked a season-high 45.75 points for a 5.38-second buckoff of Tanner Byrne.

Byrne had ridden six consecutive bulls prior to the buckoff, and appeared to be in control of the ride until Long John used his impressive steep bucking style to wear down the Canadian’s riding arm.

“He got me a little backed up on one jump and put a little pressure on my hand,” Byrne said. “He is good. I would like to take him again. I was trying to stay forward and he rides just like a big ole up and down rocking chair if you get in the right spot. I was where I needed to be, but I couldn’t keep my hand where it needed to be.”

Byrne had some trouble with Long John inside the bucking chute, but said it wasn’t anything that the bull caused.

“He is just big and I am big,” Byrne added. “I got big knee braces on so it is always hard to make it feel good in there. He gave me a good shot.”

Page said he was happy with Long John finally surpassing the 45-point mark, but that the night still belonged to Bruiser.

“He is getting closer,” Page said. “He bucked really hard tonight. I actually thought he was better than they did, but he wasn’t as good as Bruiser. He just wasn’t. He is starting to get harder. In a couple of weeks we will start seeing him like he used to be.”

Mauney wins championship round with 66th career 90-point ride

J.B. Mauney notched the highest score of the 2016 season thus far by conquering Brutus for 91.25 points in the Built Ford Tough Championship Round on Saturday.

Mauney won the round to earn 100 world standings points, and the ride propelled him to a second-place finish at Sleep Train Arena.

“That was a lot better than the long round,” Mauney said, referencing his 2.1-second buckoff against The Don. “I knew that bull has a lot of up and down. If you don’t stay out over him, it is going to whip you down and hit you in the face. He is kind of like a Long John, but just quite not as high. He has the same amount of power and stuff. He really wants to bring a man and whip him down. Here lately it seems like I am getting along with those bulls so I figured I would pick him.”

It was one of only two rides in the championship round. Event winner Fabiano Vieira rode Roy for 90.25 points to place second in the round for 60 world points.

The round win is Mauney’s third of year, which is tied for the most on the BFTS with Wallace de Oliveira.

Oliveira won Round 2 with an 86.75-point ride on Woody. The 36-year-old finished seventh in the event to gain 120 world standings points. Oliveira heads to next weekend’s event in St. Louis ranked sixth in the world.

Mauney earned a total of 400 world standings points, 240 from finishing second in the event average, and the defending World Champion jumps from No. 8 to No. 5 in the world standings. He sits only 360 points behind world leader Paulo Lima, who went 0-for-2 this weekend.

Mauney rode on Saturday with a hand wrap on his free hand after injuring his thumb during his 86.5-point Round 1 ride aboard Hash Tag on Friday.

The Mooresville, North Carolina added it was nothing to be concerned about.

“Ah the thumb. Dr. Tandy (Freeman) said something about the ligaments, but I ain’t really worried about it,” he said. “It is the free hand. I don’t really need it.”

Fabiano Vieira wins second event of 2016

Fabiano Vieira became the first bull rider to win multiple BFTS events this season by going 3-for-3 in Sacramento, including his season-best 90.25 points on Roy.

“I was a little confused if I was going to pick Walk Off instead,” Vieira said. “Last week he spun left and this week he come right. Roy is a good bull. He has a little bit of a friendly spin. He bucked me off one time. I just concentrated in the spin this time.”

Roy bucked off Vieira during last year’s Sacramento Invitational in 5.83 seconds.

Vieira was victorious with 500 points, 400 from winning the event average. The Perola, Brazil, bull rider placed fourth in Round 1 with an 85.5-point ride on Americana for 40 points, and he rode Dream Catcher for 82.5 points in Round 2.

He now is second in the world standings and just 131.44 points behind Lima.

Rounding out the Top 5 was Lachlan Richardson (2-for-3, 245 points), Aparecido (2-for-3, 155 points) and Stormy Wing (1-for-3, 145 points).

Injury Updates

According to Dr. Tandy Freeman, Michael Lane did not compete in Round 2 because of a concussion sustained in Round 1. He is questionable for St. Louis.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Here are three things we learned from Round 1 of the Sacramento Invitational on Friday night at Sleep Train Arena.

Richardson, Heffernan in pursuit of BFTS draw spot

Starting next weekend in St. Louis, there will be five spots in the Built Ford Tough Series draw that go to the highest ranking riders in the 2016 world standings that did not finish inside the Top 30 of the 2015 rankings.

So far, Lachlan Richardson and Cody Heffernan are doing their part to try and gain the fifth and final spot behind world leader Paulo LimaRobson PalermoWallace de Oliveira and Derek Kolbaba.

Richardson gained 30 points on Heffernan for the potential fifth spot in next weekend’s draw by riding El Capitan for 85.5 points and a fifth-place finish in Round 1.

“I know I have been (on that bubble) for too long and it is about time to change it,” Richardson said. “I just plan on riding me bulls. Even if I miss a few events because of the way the points is, I plan to be in the Top 15 or 20 and eventually they will let me on.”

The No. 17 ranked rider in the world trails No. 16 Heffernan by 21.66 points.

Richardson is coming off a 2-for-4 showing in Anaheim.

“I know I rode good last week and I am trying to keep it rolling,” Richardson said. “I never know where I am going to be and, when I know, I just go with the flow. Hopefully I get in.”

Richardson credited fellow bull rider Francisco Morales for helping him remain committed in the gym. While he has worked out in the past, Richardson said training with another bull rider is resulting in being pushed harder than if he were in the gym solo.

“I do train a lot harder than I used to,” Richardson said. “I have been training with Francisco Morales and it has been hard. I have always done something every day, but when you’re by yourself it can be hard to motivate yourself. Having someone to motivate me has been good.”

Heffernan didn’t earn any round points with his 78.75-point effort on Fandango, but the ride did end a streak of six consecutive buckoffs.

“I am not too worried about the points,” Heffernan said. “Obviously I want to be as high as I can be. That was a good little bull. It was a good one to get rode, especially seeing as I bucked off seven round bulls in a row. It was good to get a long-round bull rode.”

Heffernan rode Shepherd Hills Trapper for 85.25 points during the Anaheim 15/15 Bucking Battle.

While it is not necessarily crucial to gain one of the five spots opening next weekend, finishing strong in Sacramento can help each rider that doesn’t get that fifth spot go further up the BFTS alternate list, which will be based upon the 2016 world standings starting next week.

“I haven’t really placed high at any of these Built Ford Toughs and I really want to get at least in the Top 3 or win one,” Heffernan said. “That would be real special.”

Heffernan’s best finish is an 11th-place showing earlier this year in New York.

One rider who is hot on their heels is Lindomar Lino.

This week’s BlueDEF Tour event winner invitee rode Click It or Ticket for 83.5 points and heads into Round 2 on Saturday only 111.16 world standings points behind Heffernan.

Richardson has drawn Alligator Arms (8-3, BFTS) in Round 2, Heffernan has Doc Mosely (1-2, BFTS) and Lino will see Devil in A Bottle (3-0, BFTS).

Kolbaba shakes off last weekend’s championship round buckoff

Derek Kolbaba continues to demonstrate a calm-and-collected poise on the BFTS regardless of the situation.

Kolbaba bounced back from his 3.69-second buckoff on Moving on Up in Anaheim, which cost him the chance at his first career victory, by riding Blowing Smoke for 84.5 points on Friday night.

“Oh, it was pretty important, but in bull riding that happens,” Kolbaba said. “You can’t ride them all. Unfortunately it had to be at that point, but that is part of it. You have to shake it off and learn from it. Come back and get another bull rode this weekend and start off the weekend good.”

The 19-year-old finished sixth in the round to gain 15 points on world leader Paulo Lima, who was bucked off by Bobby in 3.91 seconds.

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The No. 7 bull rider in the world has ridden five of his last six bulls.

Kolbaba has a rematch against Bottom’s Up, who he rode for 87 points in Anaheim, in Round 2 on Saturday night.

“Hopefully I get another two rode tomorrow and I will be just right,” Kolbaba concluded.

Wing ends streak of 14 straight buckoffs with Round 1 win on Legacy

J.B Mauney wouldn’t stop cheering his buddy Stormy Wing on from the minute Wing nodded for the gate, and Wing made sure not to let go until that 8-second buzzer finally sounded and Mauney stopped hollering.

Wing took some two-time World Champion advice to heart and he kicked loose for 88 points aboard Legacy to win Round 1.

The ride ended a streak of 14 consecutive buckoffs dating back to last season and the Dalhart, Texas, cowboy earned an important 100 points toward the world standings.

“I am back now,” Wing said. “You are your own worst enemy in this sport and it ain’t nobody else’s fault but my own. I have been hanging out with J.B. Mauney and he has just been focused on telling me whether it is personal stuff at home or the grass is red or whatever, you just have to block all of that stuff out and do what we love. That is what I did today.”

Wing, who moved in to Mauney’s North Carolina home earlier this week, had yet to earn a single point in the world standings. He is now ranked No. 35.

Coincidentally, Mauney finished runner-up to his new roommate with an 86.5-point ride on Hash Tag. He earned 60 points toward the world standings.

Mauney had missed the final two nights of competition in Anaheim because of food poisoning.

The two-time World Champion has been trying to help Wing overcome the mental block he was indirectly self-imposing on his riding.

“I told him in the bucking chute, ‘no thinking. Breath,’” Mauney said. “He always comes to ask me what to do and finally I told him during the week, ‘It don’t matter how I ride bulls. What works for me don’t work for you. You do Stormy Wing.’

“I said, ‘When one twitches his ear like he is turning back, you spur him. That is how you rode bulls and that is how you were riding bulls when you got here. That is what got you to where you at and that is what you need to go back to doing.’

I said, ‘You just go at them.’”

Wing takes on Joe The Grinder (12-6, BFTS) in Round 2, while Mauney faces The Don (1-0, BFTS).

There were a total of 12 qualified rides in Round 1.

Eduardo Aparecido rode Houla Hoop for 85.75 points to finish third in the round, and Fabiano Vieira rode American for 85.5 points for fourth. Aparecido picked up 50 world standings points and Vieira was credited with 40.


According to Dr. Tandy Freeman, Michael Lane sustained a concussion and facial lacerations when he collided with Hair Trigger’s head in Round 1. Lane is doubtful for Round 2.

Dickies Bullfighter Frank Newsom returned to competition after missing the Anaheim Invitational following his wreck with JW Hughes Excavation in Oklahoma City.

“I stayed in the gym and with my normal routine,” Newsom said. “I tried to keep myself right, sharp and be ready to get back to work.”

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PUEBLO, Colo. – Injuries are beginning to pile up for riders on the Built Ford Tough Series.

2008 World Champion Guilherme Marchi, four-time PRCA champion J.W. Harris and 14th-ranked bull rider Kasey Hayes are just three of nine injured riders that are unable to compete at this weekend’s Sacramento Invitational.

Marchi, Harris and Hayes all sustained their injuries during last weekend’s Anaheim Invitational.  

Harris has decided to take a week off as he weighs possible options for his injured riding elbow after meeting with an elbow specialist on Tuesday in Texas, while Marchi (left hip pointer/left rib sprain) and Hayes (separated right shoulder) are still feeling the effects of their Anaheim injuries.

Marchi suffered his injuries when he was stepped on by Udder Lover, while Hayes separated his right shoulder (free arm) during his 3.27-second buckoff against Cowtown Slinger.

They are not alone though.

Brady Sims has also opted out of Sacramento after sustaining a right groin injury, and even hinted in Anaheim that surgery may be a possibility for him in the future.

The other five injured riders include Douglas Duncan (toe/leg), Matt Triplett(elbow surgery), Bonner Bolton (neck), Chase Outlaw (shoulder surgery) and Alexandre Cardozo (neck).

Duncan said on Wednesday is hoping to make a return to competition in St. Louis next weekend.

There are also two open spots in the draw because of the retirements of Renato Nunes and L.J. Jenkins last year.

Therefore, there are 10 riders competing in Sacramento as alternates – Paulo LimaWallace de OliveiraDerek KolbabaLachlan RichardsonCody HeffernanJustin PatonTyler HarrMichael LaneDave Masonand Luis Blanco.

Sacramento is the final weekend until Lima – the current world No. 1 – No. 4 Oliveira and No. 7 Kolbaba will not be officially seeded on tour. The three riders, as well as No. 3 Robson Palermo, will likely be the four highest riders that did not finish inside the Top 30 of last year’s world standings that will be granted an official draw spot starting in St. Louis.

Starting with St. Louis, there are five spots in the BFTS draw reserved for the Top-5 riders in the current world standings that did not finish in the Top 30 of the final 2015 world standings. Alternate positions will also be granted based on 2016 world point totals.

Therefore, Heffernan, currently 17th in the world standings, will begin Sacramento on the hot seat holding the current fifth spot.

He only leads No. 19 Lachlan Richardson by 51.66 points and No. 29 Tyler Harr by 134.16 points.

However, with so many injuries currently affecting the BFTS, it is possible that the first two alternate positions may be eligible for St. Louis – meaning all of the alternates below Heffernan, Richardson and Harr have plenty ride for.

All 10 alternates can help their cases by earning as many points as possible this weekend to try and get as high up on the 2016 alternate list as possible.

Heffernan has drawn Fandango (0-0, BFTS) for Round 1, while Richardson takes on El Capitan (0-5, BFTS). Harr has a Round 1 meeting against Chantilly Lace (3-2, BFTS).

Lima will try to increase his 150-point lead on No. 2 Joao Ricardo Vieira by attempting to ride Bobby (12-3, BFTS).

Vieira currently leads the BFTS with 14 qualified rides heading into his matchup against Yahoo (0-1, BFTS). Marchi rode Yahoo for 86.25 points in Anaheim.

Lindomar Lino is making his season-debut after winning the Oakland, California, BlueDEF event. Lino faces Click It or Ticket (5-0, BFTS).

Blanco and Mason are also making their season-debuts. Blanco has drawn Cowtown Slinger (21-14, BFTS) and Mason has Sketchy Bob (1-1, BFTS). Cody Nance rode Sketchy Bob for 86.25 points in Anaheim.

Claudio Crisostomo is in the draw against Swashbuckler via an injury exemption. Vieira rode Swashbuckler for 87.5 points in Anaheim.

Defending World Champion J.B. Mauney, who missed the final two nights of competition in Oklahoma City because of an illness, has drawn Hash Tag (1-0, BFTS).

Click HERE for the Round 1 Draw

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By: Justin Felisko - PBR.com

Air Time is owned by Carolina Panthers defensive end Jared Allen. Photo by Andy Watson / BullStockMedia.com.


  • The majority of PBR riders are predicting the Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl 50.
  • Jared Allen’s Air Time fittingly selected the Panthers to come out victorious.
  • Super Bowl 50 airs on CBS, the home of the Built Ford Tough Series, at 6:30 p.m. ET.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – It may not be the PBR’s Super Bull, but Super Bowl 50 is taking place today just 120 miles south of Sleep Train Arena 24 hours after the conclusion of the Sacramento Invitational.

Not only did Jared Allen’s Air Time, who is owned by Carolina Panthers defensive end Jared Allen, make a Super Bowl prediction this week, but so too did various Built Ford Tough Series riders.

Shane Proctor: Carolina Panthers 35, Denver Broncos 14

Reese Cates: Denver Broncos 32, Carolina Panthers 29

Derek Kolbaba: Carolina Panthers 20, Denver Broncos 7

Ryan Dirteater: Denver Broncos 39, Carolina Panthers 21

Ben Jones: Denver Broncos 34, Carolina Panthers 16

Cody Nance: Carolina Panthers 30, Denver Broncos 21

Nathan Schaper: Denver Broncos 14, Carolina Panthers 7

Mike Lee: Carolina Panthers 21, Denver Broncos 7

Michael Lane: Carolina Panthers 24, Denver Broncos 11

Cooper Davis: Carolina Panthers 21, Denver Broncos 7

Robson Palermo: Carolina Panthers 25, Denver Broncos 13

Tanner Byrne: Carolina Panthers 38, Denver Broncos 25

Stormy Wing: Carolina Panthers 32, Denver Broncos 27

J.B. Mauney: Carolina Panthers 28, Denver Broncos 7

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