Q&A With the Million Dollar Man Wade Sundell


Wade Sundell....Photo Credit Mallory Beinborn


Kim Zierlein  Rodeo Fame

Rodeo Fame caught up with the million dollar man, Wade Sundell, after his triple crown win in the saddle bronc riding event at the AT&T Stadium hosting the RFD TV/Polaris The American Rodeo Feb. 28, 2016. Wade was eligible this year for the million dollar exemption and when Sarah Rose McDonald won the barrel racing he was officially the million dollar man being the only exemption to win his round this year!


Here are five quick questions Rodeo Fame Magazine asked Wade!

RFM: Celebrity crush?
WS: Megan Fox

RFM:What superpower would you pick for one week?
WS: Ultimate strength

RFM: Sock preference?
WS: Any kind of sock as long as no holes in them


RFM: Your idea of a good date night?
WS: A romantic night…steak and taters at my house (laughs)


RFM: Favorite holiday?
WS: Thanksgiving