Alberta Media Shun Coverage of Record Winnings of Canadian Cowboys at NFR.

The 2016 Wrangler National Finals will go down in the history books with several records having been shattered by Canadian Cowboys & Rodeo Bulls & Horses from Canadian Stock Contractors.

 Some of the notable achievements after seven go rounds of competition... the team roping duo of Levi Simpson & Jeremy Butler not only are the first Canadians duo to compete at the NFR, they also leading the average.  Bareback Rider Jake Vold, scored three go round wins in a row and has won over $100,000 so far.  Saddle Bronc Rider Zeke Thurston won his NFR Go Round a couple of nights ago.  Notable performances have also been turned in by Jake Watson, Clay Elliott, Orin Larsen and Kolton Schmidt as well.  Additionally,  several cowboys have turned in winning go round performances on rodeo animals from Canada's Stock Contractors too.

The winnings tally after seven performances for the Northern Cowboys is just under $500,000 and Maple Leaf Stock Contractors raking in over $250,000!  And in US Dollars to boot!  With Three Go Round Performances to go and a rich average to be paid as well on Saturday Night, the total cash haul from Las Vegas is very likely to exceed ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!

Now, if you're thinking these victories by our Canadian Cowboys & Stock Contractors is a MAJOR News Story for Alberta Media, you are WRONG!!  Calgary Post Media Newspapers who for decades carried daily coverage from legendary rodeo journalist Dwayne Erckson, have not published a single story on this year's NFR.  Same goes for the Edmonton Journal & Edmonton Sun (The Home of the Canadian Finals Rodeo!).  I have also noticed posts on social media lamenting the lack of coverage on Alberta Global & CTV Television Stations.

It's sad that our local major market media has chosen to ignore the remarkable achievements by our Canadian Cowboys & Stock Contractors.  Mainstream media wonders why they are losing readers/viewers at a record pace.  It's not hard to find reasons why.  Niche Digital Media Outlets like Rodeo Country Radio have stepped in to fill void vacated by major media broadcasters & publishers.

Here at Rodeo Country Radio we are proud to bring you comprehensive Daily NFR Coverage.  We hope you are enjoying it.