Kurt Bensmiller Wins First Career Grande Prairie Stompede Championship

2016 Grande Prairie Stompede Champions
Tsuu T'ina Nation Chuckwagon Outfit
(L-R): Outrider Wayne Wright, Driver Kurt Bensmiller, Outrider Shawn Calf Robe
Photo By Ed Wittchen

It was an off track and a highly anticipated final day at the Grande Prairie Stompede with $25,000.00, a new GMC truck up and the 2016 Grande Prairie Stompede Championship on the line. In what was truly an exciting chuckwagon race, Kurt Bensmiller – driving the Tsuu T’ina Nation Outfit, and along with outriders Wayne Wright and Shawn Calf Robe, captured the first leg of the Sierra Cup Series presented by GMC.

Coming off of barrel position number 2 in the sudden death final, Bensmiller captured Grande Prairie crown with a penalty free run of 1:21.61. Kelly Sutherland from barrel position number 4 placed second in the heat, just 11 one-hundredths of a second behind the winner Bensmiller. John Walters who was making his first appearance in the Grande Prairie final placed third from barrel position number 3, while aggregate winner Troy Dorchester had the misfortune of knocking a barrel over and placed fourth in the heat from barrel number 1.

As far as day results go, Obrey Motowylo won the day money after posting the fast time of the night with a 1:19.03, and was the only driver to break the 1:20.00 mark on the night. Rae Croteau Jr. placed second, followed by Logan Gorst, Layne MacGillivray and Ross Knight filling out the top five on the final night.

The WPCA Pro Tour presented will now take a break for one weekend prior to moving on to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the second running of the Saskatoon World Chuckwagon Races starting on Thursday, June 9 and running through to Sunday, June 12, 2016. Mark Sutherland is the defending champion, and live coverage can be heard starting Thursday night, June 9, 2016 at 9:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Central, and 7:000pm Mountain time on Rural Radio on SiriusXM Channel 147 or on Country 99 at 99.7 FM out of Bonnyville.

Billy Melville