Pro Rodeo Canada
May 9, 2016
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STAVELY, ALTA - Fans better get used to seeing the name Scott Schiffner on the leaderboard this year. The two-time Canadian Champion Bull Rider has seen his name at the top of the list for the past four Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) rodeos. 

Schiffner’s first win was at the Kananaskis Pro Rodeo, he split the win at the Camrose Spring Classic, last weekend he was a part of the three-way tie for first at Drayton Valley and now he has become the sole winner of the Stavely Indoor Pro Rodeo. The Strathmore cowboy rodeo Vold Rodeo’s “Tweedle Dee” to the tune of 87 championship points for $1510.77 unofficially. 

The Bull Rider’s season total already sits at over $6,000 compared the $3,167.30 he had won this time last season. Schiffner has always been a consistent money earner in the CPRA, but with young daughters that are growing up fast, the bull rider has even more incentive to kick his winning ways in to overdrive. 

“I just know what it was like when I was little and my mom and dad were there, it’s that moral support. Something is always better when you’re showing off for somebody, that might sound wrong but when you’re competitive, you always want to not just do it for yourself, but do it for somebody,” said Schiffner.

Schiffner feels it’s important that when his daughters, Maysa (8), Hadley (about to turn 6) and Oaklyn (2), look out in to the grandstand, they’ve got someone special out there to show off for. 

The epitome of a proud father, Schiffner talks about attending gymkhana events to cheer on his three, as he puts it, “horse crazy” daughters.

“Maysa did really good, she won four buckles in all four events. Hadley did really good too, she won second in two events and won her first buckle so she was pretty excited about that. Oaklyn, she’s in the lead line and it’s a good way to get them started and they win prizes,” said Schiffner.

The Strathmore cowboy says he’s is hoping for quality over quantity this CPRA rodeo season. Schiffner has had a good start so far and if it continues he says it will allow him the luxury of spending more time with family when his schedule would normally see him on the road. 

“I've got the greatest wife in the world, a great family that supports me,” said Schiffner, “I put more pressure on myself now to realize that I've had the opportunity to live my dream and get on a lot of bulls throughout my life and these little things that a lot of people don’t realize – if I'm not there for them, they’re not going to happen again.”

“I'm just going to try to manage it the best I can because I've found that if my family is with me and around me… things seem to go better,” he concluded.

One name you may not be so familiar with at the top of the leaderboard this weekend was Consort, Alberta’s Brendan Laye. The steer wrestler clocked in at an impressive 3.6 seconds to best his competition.

“I knew I had a good steer, Matt Richardson was leading the rodeo on him so I just tried to stay calm and use the steer,” said Laye. 

This is the first CPRA win for the former Foothills Cowboys Association (Amateur) Steer Wrestling Champion since he decided to take the leap in to the pro ranks and try his hand at competing against the “big boys” full-time. 

“Now that I've won enough to buy my full card I can just focus on going to pro rodeos. For a couple years I've gone to some but I'm just feeling a little more confidence in myself now, maybe a little more focused and another year of practice, another year of trying to be the best I can be has helped me,” said Laye. 

Other champions of the weekend included Bareback Rider Kyle Bowers who rode Vold Rodeo’s “Mucho Dinero” for 85 points and $1,400.22 unofficially, the Saddle Bronc Riding was won with an 85 point ride as well, this time by Dustin Flundra on Vold Rodeo’s “Awesome”, adding $1,547.62 to the Canadian Standings. 

In the timed events it was Clint Buhler and Rocky Dallyn who were the fastest Team Ropers of the weekend taking home $1,567.45 each for their 4.7 second run. The Tie Down Roping was topped by Erik Dublanko with a swift 7.7 second run to take home a $2,140.38 cheque. 

Taking home the largest cheque of the weekend after besting over 110 other competitors was Ladies Barrel Racer Corina Dixon. She clocked in at 13.526, receiving $2209.00 in unofficial prize money. 

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Next up on the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association schedule is the Falkland Stampede May 21st to May 23rd.