Rodeo Houston Super Series Results

ATHLETES ADVANCE TO THE SEMIFINALS DURING RODEOHOUSTON® SUPER SERIES V CHAMPIONSHIP — MARCH 21, 2017 — HOUSTON — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — RODEOHOUSTON Super Series V champion athletes advance to the Semifinal rounds set for Wednesday, March 22, and Thursday, March 23.



Ryan Jarrett of Comanche, Oklahoma, took home the title of Super Series V Tie-Down Roping Champion. Jarrett said he enjoys competing at RODEOHOUSTON, and plans to keep the same strategy for the Semifinals to make sure he remains consistent.


“[RODEOHOUSTON] always has a good atmosphere,” Jarrett said. “I won’t do anything different to prepare. I will just keep doing what I’m doing.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Ryan Jarrett: Comanche, Oklahoma — $6,500

Matt Shiozawa: Chubbuck, Idaho — $5,750

Riley Pruitt: Gering, Nebraska — $4,000

Reese Riemer: Stinnett, Texas — $1,500



Steven Dent of Mullen, Nebraska, won the Super Series V Bareback Riding Champion title. Dent said his goal coming into the Rodeo was to advance to the Semifinals. Now that he achieved his goal, he does not plan to change his routine for the Semifinals. 


“This was my goal coming in — to advance,” Dent said. “Winning was just a bonus. This is what I do for a living, so I’m just going to keep doing what is working.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Steven Dent: Mullen, Nebraska— $5,375

Chad Rutherford: Itasca, Texas — $4,625

JR Vezain: Cowley, Wyoming — $3,875

RC Landingham: Vina, California — $2,500


TEAM ROPING Brothers Riley and Brady Minor of Ellensburg, Washington, claimed the title of Super Series V Team Roping Champions. Riley said that it feels really good to have a chance at winning $50,000. 


“We’ve been to this Rodeo eight or nine times and have had quite a bit of success,” Riley Minor said. “Maybe this will be the year we do it.


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Riley Minor: Ellensburg, Washington, and Brady Minor: Ellensburg, Washington — $12,000

Dustin Bird: Cut Bank, Montana, and Russell Cardoza: Terrebonne, Oregon — $8,000

Kaleb Driggers: Stephenville, Texas, and Junior Nogueira: Burleson, Texas — $6,000

Jake Cooper: Monument, New Mexico, and Dustin Davis: Terrell, Texas — $6,000



Roper Kiesner of Ripley, Oklahoma, took home the Super Series V Saddle Bronc Riding Champion title. This is Kiesner’s first time competing at RODEOHOUSTON.


“I wasn’t even supposed to be here because I was on the alternate list,” Kiesner said. “Getting the call to come to Houston and then winning tonight, it’s a dream come true.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Roper Kiesner: Ripley, Oklahoma — $5,375

Wade Sundell: Boxholm, Iowa — $4,125

Audy Reed: Spearman, Texas — $3,500

Clay Elliott: Nanton, Alberta, Canada — $3,375



Dakota Eldridge of Elko, Nevada, won the Super Series V Steer Wrestling Championship. Eldridge is seeking a back-to-back title, as he is the reigning RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Steer Wrestling Champion. 


“I’m excited,” Eldridge said. “It would mean a lot to win again. My RODEOHOUSTON buckle is pretty special and it would be great to follow it with another win.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Dakota Eldridge: Elko, Nevada — $3,750

Trevor Knowles: Mount Vernon, Oregon — $3,000

Kyle Irwin: Robertsdale, Alabama — $3,000

Tanner Milan: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada — $3,000



Sydni Blanchard of Albuquerque, New Mexico, had the fastest time during the last two rounds of Super Series V, and won the Super Series V Barrel Racing Championship. Blanchard said she loves RODEOHOUSTON because it is the largest rodeo she competes in all year.


“This rodeo can really give us barrel racers a head start going into the season,” Blanchard said. “The atmosphere in the arena is great. I’m trying to take it all in while I’m here.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Sydni Blanchard: Albuquerque, New Mexico — $6,000

Nellie Williams-Miller: Cottonwood, California — $5,000

Carley Richardson: Pampa, Texas — $3,750

Nancy Csabay: Taber, Alberta, Canada — $2,750



Eli Vastbinder of Athens, Texas, was named the Super Series V Bull Riding Champion during his RODEOHOUSTON debut. Vastbinder, who was on the alternate list at first, said that he’s watched RODEOHOUSTON since he was a kid. 


“Pulling up, it was a pretty cool feeling,” Vastbinder said. “I grew up watching old films of RODEOHOUSTON and really consider it an honor to be here.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Eli Vastbinder: Athens, Texas — $6,250

Parker Breding: Edgar, Montana — $3,000

Joe Frost: Randlett, Utah — $2,875

Tim Bingham: Honeyville, Utah — $2,500


The top four from each event, from each Super Series advanced to a Semifinal Round. The top four from each event in the Semifinal rounds will advance to the RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Championship, Saturday, March 25. The remaining six from each event in the two Semifinals will compete in the Wild Card Round, Friday, March 24, where the top two from each event will advance to the Championship. Each event champion will walk away with a $50,000 payout, in addition to previous winnings. The RODEOHOUSTON Super Series continues through March 25, with the RODEOHOUSTON Super Shootout: North America’s Champions® presented by Crown Royal, on Sunday, March 26.




Oklahoma native Bryson Sechrist earned the 2017 Super Series IV Tie-Down Roping Champion title in a close match. Sechrist said he owes some of the credit to luck.

“I’m pretty excited,” Sechrist said. “This is what I wanted to do coming in, and I got lucky and did it.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Bryson Sechrist: Apache, Oklahoma — $3,750

Blane Cox: Cameron, Texas — $3,000

Hunter Herrin: Apache, Oklahoma — $3,000

Sterling Smith: Stephenville, Texas — $2,875



Super Series IV Bareback Riding Champion Jessy Davis has competed at RODEOHOUSTON for 10 years. He said he chose to ride bareback after trying out bulls for a while but decided to stick with the wild and flamboyant bareback event. Davis said his horse for this round almost caused a problem.


“The horse was a little more than I was expecting today,” Davis said. “It [the ride] was a blur, but it worked out pretty good.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Jessy Davis: Power, Montana — $4,875

Tyler Nelson: Victor, Idaho — $4,000

Ty Breuer: Mandan, North Dakota — $4,000

Clayton Biglow: Clements, California — $3,375


TEAM ROPING Longtime friends Erich Rogers and Cory Petska started roping together five years ago, and are the 2017 Super Series IV Team Roping Champions. Petska said RODEOHOUSTON is a great rodeo because of the fans and the committees.

“It’s exciting to be in front of these fans,” Petska said. “I’m happy to be here, and thankful for the committee who makes this happen.”

Rogers said he is always ready for the next round of RODEOHOUSTON.


“This is a prestigious rodeo,” Rogers said. “I wish they could have one of these every month of the year.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Erich Rogers: Round Rock, Arizona; and Cory Petska: Marana, Arizona — $9,000

Kolton Schmidt: Barrhead, Alberta, Canada; and Shay Carroll: Hico, Texas — $7,500

Billy Bob Brown: Carbon, Texas; and Logan Medlin: Tatum, New Mexico — $7,000

Trevor Brazile: Decatur, Texas; and Patrick Smith: Lipan, Texas — $7,000



During his seventh visit to RODEOHOUSTON, Cort Scheer picked up the title of Super Series IV Saddle Bronc Riding Champion. Scheer said it is not just the horses or the competition he loves about RODEOHOUSTON — it’s the crowd. 

“This crowd is probably one of the loudest crowds you ever ride in front of,” Scheer said. “It’s just a great time. The hospitality around here is unbelievable — second to none.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Cort Scheer: Elsmere, Nebraska — $6,000

Chuck Schmidt: Keldron, South Dakota — $4,750

Tyrell Smith: Sand Coulee, Montana — $3,000

Jesse Wright: Milford, Utah — $2,875



Nick Guy traveled from Strasburg, Colorado, with a goal to win the largest rodeo in the world. After tonight, he’s one step closer by winning the Super Series IV Steer Wrestling Championship. It was a three-way tie for first place, but Guy had the fastest time for the round and secured the win.


“It’s not necessarily the competing that takes a toll,” Guy said. “It’s the hundreds of miles behind the wheel, fast food and being away from family. It’s a lifestyle you acquire. It’s not for everybody, that’s for sure.” 


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Nick Guy: Strasburg, Colorado — $4,000

Tyler Pearson: Louisville, Mississippi — $4,000

Todd Suhn: Weatherford, Texas — $4,000

Tyler Waguespack: Gonzales, Louisiana — $3,500



Although she is more used to training the horses than riding them, Kassie Mowry earned the title of Super Series IV Barrel Racing Champion. Mowry said she is excited to make it so far in such tough competition.

“This is the top of the food chain in the rodeo world,” Mowry said. “This rodeo means everything.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Kassie Mowry: Dublin, Texas — $7,000

Ivy Conrado: Hudson, Colorado — $6,000

Sherry Cervi: Marana, Arizona — $3,000

Rachel Dice: Byron, California — $2,000



Native Texan Bayle Worden was named the Super Series IV Bull Riding Champion. He advances to the Semifinals with $5,500 after the third round. Worden said this is an adrenaline rush for him, and he enjoys the RODEOHOUSTON crowd. 


“Especially here, you make a good ride, and you look up and you got all these people screaming for you,” Worden said. “It’s something else. It’s pretty awesome. It gets your blood pumping.”


Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Bayle Worden: Cooper, Texas — $5,500

Trey Benton III: Rock Island, Texas — $4,500

Jeff Askey: Athens, Texas — $3,000

Trevor Reiste: Linden, Iowa — $2,000


The top four in each event from each Super Series will advance to a Semifinal Round. Then, the top four from each event in the Semifinal rounds will advance to the RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Championship, Saturday, March 25. The remaining six from each event in the two semifinals will compete Friday, March 24, in the Wild Card Round, where the top two from each event will advance to the Championship. Each event champion will walk away with a $50,000 payout, in addition to previous winnings. The RODEOHOUSTON Super Series continues through March 25, with the RODEOHOUSTON® Super Shootout: North America’s Champions® presented by Crown Royal, on Sunday, March 26.