Cory Solomon corrals big victory in San Juan Capistrano

Cory Solomon, Calgary Stampede, July 2016 - Photo by Terry Middleditch, Rodeo Country Radio

Courtesy PRCA (

Courtesy PRCA (


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. – All season tie-down roper Cory Solomon has been chasing a big win.

The Prairie View, Texas, cowboy’s quest ended Aug. 28 when Solomon clocked an 8.0-second time to win the prestigious Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo.

“It was great to win such a big rodeo,” said Solomon, 26. “Everybody wants to win a big one, and I’ve had a couple of second-place finishes this year at Cheyenne (Wyo.) and Dodge City (Kan.). Second is always great, but to win a rodeo like this is a true blessing.”

Solomon earned $7,501 for his effort at RMV Riding Park, which should help solidify his fourth trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER. Solomon qualified for the WNFR in 2011-12 and 2015, and he was seventh in the Aug. 29 WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings with $65,834.

“This feels great,” Solomon said. “I try to stay positive and will not give up, no matter how hard the road gets. Knowing that I’ve clinched my fourth NFR makes all the long miles and all-night drives worth it. 

“I had a slow winter, and I didn’t have the Fourth of July (run) that I wanted. I told my dad (Larry) and all my family that I just needed to keep plugging along, and if you keep plugging along, in the end, you will have enough (to make the NFR). You just need to have a couple of big wins, and I got one at San Juan. Winning San Juan really makes the rest of the regular season a case of roping for position.”

Solomon was quick to credit his first Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo victory to the horsepower provided by Spook, 16.

“This is such a good rodeo, so I sent him up here, and to get the win made it all worth it,” Solomon said. “To do good and get the win at such a cool rodeo is just a great feeling. I was pretty close on the barrier, and I took a chance. You have to take chances if you want to win big, and I’m just thankful. Spook worked great.”

Solomon acknowledged he has high expectations for himself at the 2016 WNFR in Las Vegas, Dec. 1-10.

“I’ve been focusing on getting a back number, and now that I feel like I have that back number it’s time to reset my goals and get my eye on a gold buckle,” Solomon said.

Other winners at the $274,856 rodeo were all-around cowboy Josh Peek ($3,158 in tie-down roping and steer wrestling), bareback rider Orin Larsen (87 points on Rosser Rodeo’s Gold Coast Jackie), steer wrestler Rowdy Parrott (3.7 seconds), team ropers Colby Lovell and Travis Graves (4.3 seconds), saddle bronc rider Cody Wright (86 points on Cervi Championship Rodeo’s Alpha Dog) and bull rider Tim Bingham (87 points on Flying U Rodeo’s Dark Shadow).

Apart from his big win in San Juan Capistrano, Bingham also won the Golden Spike Rodeo in Tremonton, Utah – with a 92-point ride on Bar T Rodeo’s Purple Haze – and finished fourth in the Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) Xtreme Bulls. That allowed him to finish with total weekend earnings of $15,767; he jumped from 19th in the bull riding world standings to 11th, and has put himself in position for a second trip to the WNFR in the last three seasons.

Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo

San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Aug. 27-28


All-around cowboy: Josh Peek, $3,158, tie-down roping and steer wrestling.


Bareback riding: 1. Orin Larsen, 87 points on Rosser Rodeo's Gold Coast Jackie, $11,618; 2. Tim O'Connell, 84, $8,907; 3. Chad Rutherford, 83.5, $6,584; 4. (tie) Caleb Bennett, Winn Ratliff and Bill Tutor, 82, $2,969 each; 7. Zack Brown, 81.5, $1,549; 8. Ty Breuer, 81, $1,162. 


Steer wrestling: 1. Rowdy Parrott, 3.7 seconds, $7,501; 2. (tie) Clayton Hass and Riley Duvall, 3.8, $6,317 each; 4. (tie) Clayton Moore and Trevor Knowles, 3.9, $4,738 each; 6. (tie) Jacob Talley and Josh Peek, 4.0, $3,158 each; 8. Dirk Tavenner, 4.1, $1,974; 9. (tie) Chason Floyd and Shane Frey, 4.2, $790 each. 


Team roping: 1. Colby Lovell/Travis Graves, 4.3 seconds, $7,501 each; 2. (tie) Clay Smith/Paul Eaves and Tyler Wade/Dakota Kirchenschlager, 4.7, $6,317 each; 4. Dustin Bird/Russell Cardoza, 4.9, $5,132; 5. Jake Orman/Tyler Domingue, 5.1, $4,343; 6. Dustin Egusquiza/Clint Summers, 5.4, $3,553; 7. Zac Small/Wesley Thorp, 5.6, $2,764; 8. (tie) Jake Cooper/Tyler McKnight and John Alley/Clark Adcock, 5.7, $1,579 each; 10. Adam Rose/Dustin Davis, 10.1, $395. 


Saddle bronc riding: 1. Cody Wright, 86 points on Cervi Championship Rodeo's Alpha Dog, $11,731; 2. Luke Butterfield, 83, $8,994; 3. Jacobs Crawley, 82.5, $6,648; 4. (tie) Ryan Mackenzie, Zeke Thurston and Clay Elliott, 81.5, $2,998 each; 7. (tie) Ryder Wright and Nat Stratton, 81, $1,369 each. 


Tie-down roping: 1. Cory Solomon, 8.0 seconds, $7,501; 2. Tyson Durfey, 8.4, $6,712; 3. Marty Yates, 8.5, $5,922; 4. (tie) Caleb Smidt and Bryson Sechrist, 8.8, $4,738 each; 6. (tie) Taylor Santos, Ryan Jarrett and Cade Swor, 9.1, $2,764 each; 9. Hunter Herrin, 9.2, $1,184; 10. Stetson Vest, 9.4, $395. 


Bull riding: 1. Tim Bingham, 87 points on Flying U Rodeo's Dark Shadow, $11,731; 2. Cody Teel, 82, $8,994; 3. Dalan Duncan, 80.5, $6,648; 4. (tie) Cody Rostockyj and Jordan Spears, 77, $3,519 each; 6. Joe Frost, 70.5, $1,955; 7. (tie) Rorey Maier and Sage Kimzey, 70, $1,369 each. 


Total payoff: $274,856. Stock contractor: Flying U Rodeo. Sub-contractors: The Cervi Brothers, Cervi Championship Rodeo, Flying 5 Rodeo, Big Bend Rodeo, Rosser Rodeo and Brehmer Rodeo. Rodeo secretary: Cindy Rosser. Officials: Harry Rose Jr, Allan Jordan Jr and Joe Bob Locke. Timers: Robin Yerxa and Karin Rosser. Announcers: Bob Tallman and Bob Feist. Specialty acts: Sarah Thompson, Spencer Litwork and Jennifer Riata Ranch. Bullfighters: Cody Jackson and Louis Jones. Flankmen: Tony Amaral, Chuck Kite, Delbert Nuse and Chad Hutsell. Chute boss: Tony Amaral. Pickup men: Chase Cervi and Bronc Boehnlein. Photographers: Richard Levine and Matt Cohen. Music director: Hambone Hilton.

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