Pro Rodeo Canada
April 11, 2016
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MEDICINE HAT, ALTA – If you’re going to win your very first professional rodeo, why not do it in your home town? Medicine Hat Bull Rider Jordan Carlier, who, having never collected a cheque in the bull riding at a professional rodeo before, became rodeo’s version of a hometown hero by winning the Broncs and Honky Tonks Spring Indoor Rodeo with 80.5 points on Kesler Rodeo’s “Strange Tale”. 

“I guess I was a little more nervous than I usually am, you just want to ride good in front of the home town,” said Carlier who may have had a few extra fans in the crowd to support him than most, “Lots of my friends were there, family, my grandma was there too so I wanted to ride good for everyone that was there watching.

The 24-year-old took an almost eight-year hiatus from the sport of rodeo after his steer riding days and attended just a handful of professional rodeos last season. Maybe it took a season to shake the dust off, but it appears Carlier is ready to make waves this season.

“The practice is definitely paying off, I feel a lot more confident than I did before and hopefully I can just keep it rolling,” said Carlier who collected $1741.93 for his win.

While the bull riding saw a first time Champion, some events were experiencing déjà vu this year. Ponoka steer wrestler Craig Weisgerber split the win at Medicine Hat in 2015, but wasn’t willing to share it this year. Weisgerber came in at a time of 3.6 seconds and $1880.94 in his pocket to start his season off strong. 

Another event on the repeat list was the Bareback Riding with Carbon, Alberta’s Cole Goodine. The two-time Canadian Finals Rodeo qualifier earned the top score of the weekend with 80 points on Kesler Rodeo’s “Royal Fever”, taking home $1035.88.  

In the Tie-Down Roping, Carstairs, Alberta cowboy Kyle Lucas took a quick detour from his American rodeo schedule to chalk up his first win north of the border this year. Lucas, who flew in from rodeo competition in the US to compete at Medicine Hat, bested his competition in the tie-down roping by over half a second with his 8.5-second run, pocketing $1816.08 before jetting back to the states. 

Other weekend champions included Bobbie Goodwin who put $1914.78 on the standings board in the Ladies Barrel Racing with her winning time of 12.664 seconds. 

Eight-time CFR Saddle Bronc Riding Qualifier Jim Berry was best in the bronc riding with 82 points on Kesler Rodeo’s “Country Trail” (winning $1405.48) and 2015 Team Roping Season Leaders Brett Buss and Klay Whyte are off to another good start with a time of 4.7 seconds to win the rodeo and take home $1308.01 each.

Broncs & Honky Tonks Spring Indoor Rodeo
Medicine Hat, Alberta, April 8-10
Bareback riding: 1. Cole Goodine, 80 points on Kesler Rodeo’s 024 Royal Fever, $1,036; 2. Dylan Bilton, 77, $857; 3. Ky Marshall, 75, $679; 4. Tate Hartell, 73.5, $500; 5. Jessey Lannin, 72.5, $321; 6. Denny Phipps, 71.5, $179.

Steer wrestling: 1. Craig Weisgerber, 3.6 seconds; $1,881; 2. Curtis Cassidy, 3.7, $1,636; 3. Cody Cassidy, 4.2, $1,390; 4. Jess Cowie, 4.4, $1,145; 5. Morgan Grant, 4.7, $900; 6. Luke Butterfield, 4.8, $654; 7. Trace Nicholson, 5.3, $409; 8. Layne Delemont, 6.0, $164.

Team roping: 1. Brett Buss/Klay Whyte, 4.7, $1,308 each; 2. (tie) Travis Gallais/Devin Wigemyr and Brady Chappel/Kyle Chappel, 4.9, $1,052 each; 4. Steele DePaoli/Kasper Roy, 5.1, $796; 5. (tie) Clark McCarroll/Logan Bonnett, Grady Quam/Jeffrey Quam and Clay Ullery/Ryon Tittel, 5.5, $455 each; 8. Kyle Smith/Riley Wilson, 5.6, $114. 

Saddle bronc riding: 1. Jim Berry, 82 points on Kesler Rodeo’s 662 Country Trail, $1,405; 2. Layton Green, 77.5, $1,155; 3. Kyle Thomson, 76.5, $904; 4. (tie) Dustin Flundra, Cole Scott and Casey Bertram, 76, $435 each; 7. Sam Kelts, 75.5, $151; 8. Michael Borden, 75, $100.

Tie-down roping: 1. Kyle Lucas, 8.5 seconds, $1,816; 2. Mark Nugent, 9.2, $1,579; 3. Blair Smith, 9.4, $1,342; 4. Randy Smith, 9.5, $1,105; 5. (tie) Dean Edge and Clint Arave, 9.6, $750 each; 7. Tyler Popescul, 9.9, $395; 8. Mike Johnson, 10.1, $158.

Barrel racing: 1. Bobbie Goodwin, 12.664 seconds, $1,915; 2. Kirsty White, 12.807, $1,641; 3. Toni Dixon, 12.827, $1,368; 4. Colby Gilbert, 12.840, $1,185; 5. Lynette Brodoway, 12.847, $912; 6. Val Gillespie, 12.892, $729; 7. Crystal Christman, 12.946, $547; 8. (tie) Gaylene Buff and Rene Leclercq, 12.950, $319 each; 10. Nicol Pana, 12.952, $182.

Bull riding: 1. Jordan Carlier, 80.5 points on Kesler Rodeo’s Strange Tale, $1,742; 2. Mathew O’Flynn, 78, $1,442; no other qualified rides.

Total payoff: $51,164. Stock contractor: Kesler Championship Rodeo. Rodeo secretary: Judy Kesler. Officials: Perry Gurski and Tim Thompson. Timers: Berva Dawn Kesler and Margo Kesler. Announcer: Les McIntyre. Bullfighters: Bo Byrne and Hughson Gleeson. Flankman: Duane Kesler. Pickup men: Wade Rempel and Terry Leader.