RFDTV Lawsuit Update: Watch story from WFAA TV

We have more on the RFDTV Lawsuit brought against The American 2015 Tie Down Roping Champion Reese Riemer and short round qualifiers Tuf Cooper & Timber Moore.  Click on the links to the story here: http://www.wfaa.com/news/rodeo-lawsuit/293837476   & http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/tarrant-county/lawsuit-alleges-fraud-in-calf-roping-rodeo/293707096

More on this story from WFAA.com:


Lawsuit alleges fraud in rodeo at AT&T Stadium


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Star calf ropers accused of rigging rodeo

Lauren Zakalik, WFAA 7:28 PM. CDT August 10, 2016


(Photo: Courtesy - RFD-TV)


FORT WORTH -- On its public YouTube account and its website, RFD-TV, a rural farming cable channel, has posted videos showing Texas cowboy Reese Riemer winning the tie-down calf-roping segment of the American Rodeo at AT&T Stadium in March 2015.

"Life-changing for me," Riemer said about his win at the time. "Words can't express."

It's a win the TV station is now calling a "scheme" in a lawsuit it recently filed in Tarrant County against well-known North Texas rodeo stars Tuf Cooper and Timber Moore, who also competed at the American.

Reese Riemer is interviewed by RFD-TV after his win.   (Photo: Courtesy - RFD-TV)

"With these high-profile guys, it's mostly shock. It's a big shock to the rodeo community," said Pepper Stewart, who hosts an Internet talk show about rodeos and country life.

The lawsuit alleges Cooper and Moore agreed to intentionally perform poorly so Riemer would win, and the three would split Riemer's monetary award. Riemer stood to win hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the other two, the lawsuit says, because he had to qualify to be at the rodeo, unlike the others, who were invited to participate.

News 8 is still waiting on calls and emails back from all of the cowboys involved, as well as Riemer's attorney.

Gregory Shamoun, attorney for RFD TV, is calling for the cowboys to apologize to the co-competitors of the event.

"We are greatly disturbed by this illegal act, and feel it’s our duty to assure the upcoming American Rodeo events are not fraught with this type of unprofessional and illegal conduct," Shamoun said in a phone conversation Wednesday.

RFD TV's lawsuit says another cowboy was invited to participate in the deal, but he declined. Shamoun says he's the person who came forward about all of this.

We briefly spoke to him on the phone Wednesday, but he asked us to call back in thirty minutes for a conversation. We did, but he never answered, nor called us back.

Pepper Stewart   (Photo: WFAA)

Pepper Stewart, who has interviewed Tuf Cooper on his talk show, says there are many in the rodeo community who are doubting what's alleged to have happened. Others believe the allegations.

"When you think of the players involved in this -- and these are top, world-champion guys -- it's just out of character," Stewart said.

And they'll watch anxiously as the drama moves from the arena to the courtroom.