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Standings Shuffle: 24 cowboys move up

With $2.14 million up for grabs between 39 PRCA rodeos across North America this past week, 24 cowboys saw their position improve within the WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings’ Top 15. Meanwhile, six cowboys made considerable jumps and landed right on the bubble at 16th. 

Nobody knows this better than Blane Cox after he moved from 22nd to 11th in tie-down roping thanks to winning $6,435 at the Strathmore (Alberta) Stampede and $4,896 at the Dodge City (Kan.) Roundup Rodeo. 

Veteran and rookie cowboys alike know it’s easier to maintain a position at the top than it is to play catch-up when trying to qualify for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER. It’s important to build a solid bankroll as the final stretch of the 2017 season approaches at the end of next month.  

Having five rodeos with six-figure payoffs proved to be a major boost as cowboys competed for $329,794 in Dodge City, Kan.; $208,469 in Strathmore, Alberta; $124,582 in Great Falls, Mont.; $118,935 in Phillipsburg, Kan.; and $100,156 in Heber City, Utah.

Having so many opportunities to win big money can really stir the pot on the world standings. In the last week alone, five cowboys burst the bubble and broke into the Top 15. 

The following cowboys saw their position in the world standings improve between Aug. 2 and Aug. 8.

• Dustin Bird moved from 14th to 10th in team roping heading. 

• Ryder Wright moved from 15th to 12th in saddle bronc riding. 

• Clayton Biglow moved from seventh to fifth in bareback riding. 
• Tyson Durfey moved from 10th to eighth in tie-down roping. 
• Richmond Champion moved from 11th to ninth in bareback riding. 
• Clay Elliott moved from 11th to ninth in saddle bronc riding. 
• Jacob Talley moved from 15th to 13th in steer wrestling. 
• Timber Moore moved from 15th to 13th in tie-down roping. 
• Trevor Brazile moved from 16th to 14th in steer roping. 

• Russell Cardoza moved from fourth to third in team roping heeling. 
• Vin Fisher Jr. moved from fourth to third in steer roping. 
• Jake Long moved from sixth to fifth in team roping heeling. 
• Hardy Braden moved from seventh to sixth in saddle bronc riding. 
• Cole Melancon moved from seventh to sixth in bull riding. 
• JR Vezain moved from eighth to seventh in bareback riding. 
• Scott Guenthner moved from eighth to seventh in steer wrestling. 
• Taos Muncy moved from ninth to eighth in saddle bronc riding. 
• Tony Reina moved from ninth to eighth in steer roping. 
• Trevor Reiste moved from ninth to eighth in bull riding. 
• Tanner Milan moved from 10th to ninth in steer wrestling.
• Jordan Spears moved from 10th to ninth in bull riding. 
• Trey Benton III moved from 12th to 11th in bull riding. 
• Guthrie Murray moved from 13th to 12th in bull riding.  

Cowboys on the bubble for a spot in the Top 15 can find themselves just a few dollars short of making a Wrangler NFR qualification. The following cowboys climbed the standings to No. 16 this past week:

• Saddle bronc rider Allen Boore moved from 25th to 16th and is $12,163 away from breaking into the Top 15. 
• Steer wrestler Jason Thomas moved from 20th to 16th and is $191 away from breaking into the Top 15.
• Team roping header Marcus Theriot moved from 20th to 16th and is $38 away from breaking into the Top 15. 
• Bull rider Boudreaux Campbell moved from 20th to 16th and is $1,496 away from breaking into the Top 15. 
• Bareback rider Steven Dent moved from 19th to 16th and is $558 away from breaking into the Top 15. 
• Steer roper J.P. Wickett moved from 19th to 16th and is $1,424 away from breaking into the Top 15. 

With the Lea County Fair & PRCA Rodeo in Lovington, N.M., and the Omak (Wash.) Stampede on the horizon, the outcomes of these rodeos and others are sure to impact the world standings, and possibly give a glimpse at who will compete at the 2017 Wrangler NFR.

Check back with next week to see who the new leaders are in the world standings.

For the Record: Sikeston, Hermiston and Lovington

Three big-name rodeos are underway and each of them is rich with history – and even richer with total payouts, which will provide a healthy boost to the WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings.

There’s only 50 days left in the 2017 season, and every dollar counts in the race to qualify for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER. While each ride is an opportunity for winning big money, it’s also a shot at setting a new arena record. The following are the arena records for the Sikeston (Mo.) Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo, the Farm-City Pro Rodeo in Hermiston, Ore., and the Lea County Fair & PRCA Rodeo in Lovington, N.M. 

Sikeston (1953-2016)

• Total payout: $198,888, 2009
• All-around: $6,355, Jesse Bail, 2007
• Bareback riding: 90 points, Caine Riddle, 2011; Orin Larsen, 2014
• Steer wrestling: 3.3 seconds, Jule Hazen, 2010 (7.5/2, Chancey Larson, 2001)
• Team roping: 4.0 seconds, Cody Graham/Jason Thompson, 2011 (9.4/2, Zac Small/Tyler Worley, 2015)
• Saddle bronc riding: 88 points, Rusty Allen, 2008; Billy Etbauer, 2009
• Tie-down roping: 7.4 seconds, Cody Ohl, 2005; Justin Maass, 2009 (16.6/2, Tim Pharr, 2001; Adam Gray, 2009; Michael Otero, 2011)
• Barrel racing: 16.04 seconds, Melissa Hubier, 1995; Nancy Ortlip, 1995; Patti Higdon, 2002
• Bull riding: 95 points, Jesse Bail, 2000

Hermiston (1988-2016)

• Total payout: $206,032, 2014
• All-around: $6,412, Rod Lyman, 1998
• Bareback riding: 89 points, Andy Martinez, 2006
• Steer wrestling: 3.2 seconds, Trav Cadwell, 2000 (7.5/2, Trevor Knowles, 2010)
• Team roping: 3.7 seconds, JoJo LeMond/Cory Petska, 2010
• Saddle bronc riding: 88 points, Dan Mortensen, 2005; Bradley Harter, 2010; Bradley Harter, 2012)
• Tie-down roping: 6.9 seconds, Cody Ohl, 1998 (15.6/2, Ohl, 1998)
• Barrel racing: 16.81, Lindsay Sears, 2006
• Bull riding: 92 points, Cole Mewbourn, 1999; Beau Hill, 2001

Lovington (1954-2016)

• Total payout: $246,783, 2013
• All-around: $8,051, Joe Beaver, 1998
• Bareback riding: 90 points, Will Lowe, 2007
• Steer wrestling: 3.2 seconds, Nick Guy, 2015; Joshua Clark, 2016 (7.4/2, K.C. Jones, 2013)
• Team roping: 3.8 seconds, Daniel Green/Kory Koontz, 2003 (8.8/2, Erich Rogers/Kory Koontz, 2012)
• Saddle bronc riding: 90 points, Rusty Allen, 2008
• Tie-down roping: 7.3 seconds, Randall Carlisle, 2013 (15.3/2, Jesse Clark, 2013)
• Barrel racing: 16.99 seconds, Sydni Blanchard, 2011
• Steer roping: 8.7 seconds, Rocky Patterson, 2011; Rocky Patterson, 2016 (30.5/3, Colby Goodwin, 1999)
• Bull riding: 96 points, Felipe Aragon, 1999

Kimzey stays hot, wins Xtreme Bulls in Lovington


LOVINGTON, N.M. – Sage Kimzey can do no wrong. At least that’s how things appear.

The reigning three-time world champion (2014-16) is now on an amazing hot streak. 

Two weeks after winning $50,000 and a gold medal in the finals of the Days of ’47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kimzey was still in top form.

The Strong City, Okla., cowboy – with a 176-point score – won the two-head average at the Lea County Fair & PRCA Rodeo Xtreme Bulls Division 1 event Aug. 8.

“This is good,” said Kimzey, 22. “This is the start to the fall run and it allows me to move onto the fall with more momentum. It’s been crazy because I’ve been winning quite a bit and I’m just enjoying the ride and rodeoing my tail off until I get to the end of September. What drives me is I just want to be the best. I always think about the feeling at the end of the year, stepping on the stage and shaking the commissioner’s hand and holding up the gold buckle.”

Kimzey was first in Aug. 7 the WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings with $187,555 and atop the Xtreme Bull Standings with $46,572. He piled some more money on those totals with his performance at Lovington as he left town after earning $11,798.

“The Xtreme Bulls are important,” said Kimzey, who won the Xtreme Bulls season title in 2015. “There’s a lot of money at all of them, and usually whoever wins the Xtreme Bulls (season title) has a good shot of coming into the NFR pretty high in the standings.”

Kimzey won the first round with an 89-point trip on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo's Tin Cup, and then followed that up by capturing the win in the short round and average with his 87-point ride on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo's Black Gold.

“The first bull was a good spinner to the left and he was really smooth and he had a lot of timing to him,” Kimzey said. “The second bull was the opposite. He was one that was tough to get by. Tyler Bingham came up to me after he saw what I had and said he was a tough bull to ride that bucked hard, and I got excited then. I enjoy the challenge for sure. The hours are what matters, not the seconds in the arena. We train all year to be ready to do this. I’m always prepared no matter how many I have to get on each night.”

This is Kimzey’s second Xtreme Bulls Division 1 win this season. He also took the title in Fort Worth, Texas, Jan. 17-18. The list of the other 2017 Division 1 winners is comprised of Ty Wallace (San Antonio, Feb. 25), Tristan Mize (Fort Mohave, Ariz., March 11) and Trey Benton (Reno, Nev., June 15).

For his career, Kimzey now has five Xtreme Bulls Division 1 titles, which ties him for second place on the all-time list with Wesley Silcox.

For more coverage of the Lea County Fair & PRCA Rodeo Xtreme Bulls Division 1 event, check out the Aug. 18 issue of the ProRodeo Sports News.