Cody Teel captures second WCC win in a row in Scottsdale

Cody Teel...PRCA Photo by Ric Anderson


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. –  Cody Teel has been an elite PRCA bull rider since 2012 when he won a won a gold buckle.

And, the Kountze, Texas cowboy showed again why Feb. 28 at the Wrangler Champions Challenge presented by Justin Boots.

Teel, competing for Team RAM, had an 84.5-point ride on Summit Pro Rodeo’s Custer to win the event at the West World Arena.

“I had never seen that bull before and he was kind of a newer bull,” said Teel, 23. “He was a real good, solid draw and one you want to get on for sure. I’m glad it worked out.”

This was the second year in a row Teel won the WCC event in Scottsdale. A year ago, Teel had an 87-point ride on Salt River Rodeo's Big Hoss.

“I figured I was going to be in the mid-80s when I rode him (Custer),” Teel said. “He was a good bull with some timing and a little back up to him, and one you had to pay attention to in order to get by. I knew I would have a good chance to get the win if I did my job. There has been a great set of bulls here for the last two years and I was glad I came out on top again.” 

This was Teel’s fifth career WCC event win as he also has victories at Rapid City, S.D., (Feb. 4, 2014, shared with Sage Kimzey), Kennewick, Wash., (Aug. 19, 2014), Pueblo, Colo., (Sept. 2, 2015), and two in Scottsdale.

“For sure Champions Challenges are events I want to go to,” Teel said. “They are just in and out events and you know where you stand that day and have a great chance to win money.”

Teel was able to get his latest WCC win by filling in for an injured Brett Stall, who had left ankle surgery Feb. 8.

“I was just glad I was able to take advantage of the opportunity I got,” Teel said.

At the 2015 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER, Teel made a frantic push for his second world championship. He arrived in Las Vegas in seventh place and left as a runner-up after winning $185,731 at the WNFR - $67,269 for winning the average. Teel finished with $278,749, only behind Kimzey’s $327,178 total.

“With all the money at the Finals you definitely want to make it there,” Teel said. “But, I went in there seventh last year and that was just a little too far out because Sage had a big lead going in. You want to keep pace for sure. You’re not zoned in on one particular number, you just want to keep consistent all year and keep pace. That way when you go into the Finals you are not too far behind.”

Other winners at the $92,800 rodeo were ProRodeo Hall of Fame’s bareback rider Teddy Athan (85 points on Four Star Rodeo’s Rusty Slim), B&W Trailer Hitches steer wrestler Dakota Eldridge (3.7 seconds), team ropers - Team PRCA’s Coleman Proctor and Russell Cardoza (4.7 seconds) and ProRodeo Hall of Fame’s Kory Koontz and Colby Lovell (4.7 seconds), saddle bronc riders – Team Justin’s Joe Lufkin (85 points on Powder River Rodeo's Look Again) and Experience Kissimmee’s Jake Watson (85 points on Salt River Rodeo's Smoke Ring), Experience Kissimmee tie-down roper Adam Gray (7.6 seconds), and Team Las Vegas barrel racer Benette Little (17.90 seconds).

Tie-down roper, Adam Gray rodeoing for team Experience Kissimmee, Florida is our event winner. He turned in a time of 7.6 seconds.

Parada Del Sol

Scottsdale, Ariz., Feb. 28

Bareback riding: 1. Teddy Athan, 85 points on Four Star Rodeo's Rusty Slim, $3,944; 2. Tim O'Connell, 84, $3,016; 3. Chad Rutherford, 83, $2,204; 4. Orin Larsen, 81.5, $1,508; 5. George Gillespie IV, 81, $928. 

Steer wrestling: 1. Dakota Eldridge, 3.7 seconds, $3,944; 2. Tyler Waguespack, 3.9, $3,016; 3. Blake Knowles, 4.0, $2,204; 4. Tanner Brunner, 4.2, $1,508; 5. Tanner Milan, 4.4, $928. 

Team roping: 1. (tie) Coleman Proctor/Russell Cardoza and Colby Lovell/Kory Koontz, 4.7 seconds, $3,480 each; 3. Matt Sherwood/Quinn Kesler, 5.1, $2,204; 4. Riley Minor/Tyler McKnight, 5.5, $1,508; 5. Chase Wiley/Ace Pearce, 6.3, $928. 

Saddle bronc riding: 1. (tie) Joe Lufkin, on Powder River Rodeo's Look Again, and Jake Watson, on Salt River Rodeo's Smoke Ring, 85 points, $3,480 each; 3. CoBurn Bradshaw, 84.5, $2,204; 4. Jacobs Crawley, 84, $1,508; 5. Layton Green, 81, $928. 

Tie-down roping: 1. Adam Gray, 7.6 seconds, $3,944; 2. (tie) Ryan Jarrett and Sterling Smith, 7.7, $2,610 each; 4. (tie) Marcos Costa and Cory Solomon, 8.4, $1,218 each. 

Barrel racing: 1. Benette Little, 17.90 seconds, $3,944; 2. Jana Bean, 17.94, $3,016; 3. Megan Swint, 18.05, $2,204; 4. Carley Richardson, 18.08, $1,508; 5. Deb Guelly, 18.11, $928. 

Bull riding: 1. Cody Teel, 84.5 points on Summit Pro Rodeo's Custer, $3,944; 2. Ty Wallace, 82, $3,016; 3. Joe Frost, 75, $2,204; no other qualified rides. 

Total payoff: $92,800. Stock contractor: Salt River Rodeo. Sub-contractors: Bar T Rodeo, Four Star Rodeo, Powder River Rodeo, Rocky Mountain Rodeo, Summit Pro Rodeo and Championship Pro Rodeo. Rodeo secretary: Sherry Rice-Gibson. Officials: Rocky Steagall, Jeff Dorenkamp and Gary Case. Timers: Mary Borgen and Nancy Dorenkamp. Announcers: Wayne Brooks and Dan Fowlie. Specialty acts: Jennifer Riata Ranch, Bruce Pierson, Donnie Landis and Brandi Phillips. Bullfighters: Luke kraut Kraut, Clifford Maxwell and Joe Butler. Clown/barrelman: Donnie Landis. Flankmen: Brett Barrett, Glenn Southwick and Jerry Dorenkamp. Chute boss: Jerry Dorenkamp. Pickup men: Colter Todd and Tanner Resor. Photographers: Ric Andersen and Reed Settle. Music director: Wolfey Selvester.

Parada Del Sol

Scottsdale, Ariz., Feb. 26-27

All-around cowboy: Chant DeForest, $1,463, tie-down roping and team roping.

Bareback riding: 1. Tray Chambliss III, 80 points on Rocky Mountain Rodeo's Fleabit, $1,486; 2. Chase Erickson, 79, $1,126; 3. (tie) Jamie Howlett, Luke Creasy and Nick Gutzwiler, 78, $555 each; 6. Delvecchio Kaye, 77, $225. 

Steer wrestling: 1. Dean McIntyre, 3.7 seconds, $1,681; 2. (tie) Brad McGilchrist and Jake Rinehart, 3.9, $1,352 each; 4. Chason Floyd, 4.0, $1,023; 5. (tie) Seth Schafer and Sterling Lambert, 4.2, $694 each; 7. Pepe Arballo, 4.9, $365; 8. (tie) Damian Padilla and Travis Reay, 5.0, $73 each. 

Team roping: 1. Matt Sherwood/Quinn Kesler, 4.2 seconds, $2,527 each; 2. Pace Freed/Logan Medlin, 4.5, $2,261; 3. J.T. Taylor/Brandon Bates, 4.7, $1,995; 4. (tie) Chant DeForest/Bronc Boehnlein, Shawn Bessette/Sid Sporer and Cole Sherwood/Tanner Luttrell, 5.0, $1,463 each; 7. Edward Hawley Jr./Ty Romo, 5.1, $931; 8. Michael Calmelat/Anthony Calmelat, 5.2, $665; 9. (tie) J.B. James Jr/Brock Hanson and Nate Singletary/Tom Bill Johnson, 5.6, $266 each. 

Saddle bronc riding: 1. Layton Green, 82 points on Salt River Rodeo's Soda Pop, $1,598; 2. Chase Bennett, 77, $1,210; 3. (tie) Cameron Messier and Dawson Byrne, 76, $726 each; 5. (tie) Jake Watson and Andy Clarys, 75, $290 each. 

Tie-down roping: 1. Justin Macha, 8.1 seconds, $1,649; 2. Seth Hall, 8.3, $1,434; 3. Murray Pole, 9.1, $1,218; 4. Trent Walls, 9.2, $1,003; 5. (tie) Morgan Grant and Joseph Parsons, 9.4, $681 each; 7. J.D. Kibbe, 9.5, $358; 8. Landon Koehn, 9.6, $143. 

Barrel racing: 1. Sarah Kieckhefer, 16.92 seconds, $2,482; 2. Cheryl Murray, 16.99, $2,109; 3. Jeni Cerise, 17.02, $1,737; 4. Vickie Carter, 17.06, $1,489; 5. Kassidy Dennison, 17.10, $1,241; 6. (tie) Kirsty White and Susan Siggins, 17.13, $744 each; 8. Bonnie Wyman, 17.15, $496; 9. Chloe Hoovestal, 17.19, $434; 10. Rachel Primm, 17.20, $372; 11. (tie) Julie Leggett and Andrea Busby, 17.22, $279 each. 

Bull riding: 1. Tustin Daye, 85 points on Salt River Rodeo's Dragon, $2,129; 2. Colten Jesse, 83, $1,632; 3. (tie) Riker Carter and Handy andy Coughlin, 82, $994 each; 5. Roscoe Jarboe, 80.5, $497; 6. Chase Robbins, 80, $355; 7. (tie) Shane Proctor and Seth Glause, 78, $248 each. 

Total payoff: $76,451. Stock contractor: Salt River Rodeo. Sub-contractors: Summit Pro Rodeo, Rocky Mountain Rodeo and JK Rodeo. Rodeo secretary: Sherry Rice-Gibson. Officials: Rocky Steagall and Gary Case. Timers: Mary Borgen and Nancy Dorenkamp. Announcer: Dan Fowlie. Specialty acts: Donnie Landis, Brandi Phillips, Jennifer Riata Ranch and Bruce Pierson. Bullfighters: Joe Butler, Luke kraut Kraut and Clifford Maxwell. Clown/barrelman: Donnie Landis. Flankmen: Jesse Hill, Cody Resor, Jerry Dorenkamp and Owen Washburn. Chute boss: Jerry Dorenkamp. Pickup men: Tanner Resor and Colter Todd. Photographers: Reed Settle and Ric Andersen. Music director: Wolfey Selvester