Joe Beaver tells it like it is in speech at Texas High School Rodeo Finals

Legendary World Champion Cowboy Joe Beaver has created a firestorm with his recent comments to Texas High School Rodeo Students prior to their State Finals. Joe Beaver has built his career around giving back with countless hours teaching, coaching & mentoring young people all over North America. You need to listen to the whole video to fully understand what Joe is saying.

Knowing Joe Beaver, the level of competition of rodeo at all levels (pro, semi-pro, high school & college) I can confidently tell you....Texas is indeed a Whole Other Country when it comes to Rodeo! If you succeed in rodeo in Texas, you can win anywhere. That's really what Joe is saying...People should listen to the whole video not just two 10 second segments. Just sayin'.....

Thanks to Nod 'N Ride for the Facebook Post of Joe Beaver's Speech at the Texas High School Rodeo State Finals