March 1, 2016

The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) has declined the latest Canadian Finals Rodeo(CFR) proposal put forward by the Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG) and the City of Edmonton.

The CPRA, with the approval of the CFR Negotiating Committee – which consists of a team of senior business professionals – and the CPRA Board of Directors, is now seeking all options available to the Association for the best interest of the fans, sponsors and members.

The CPRA’s original intention was to go through the request for proposal process with several cities that were interested in hosting CFR 2017. Out of respect to the coming 43-year history in Edmonton, in October, 2015 the CPRA offered OEG and the City of Edmonton a 60-day grace period to submit a new proposal for CFR. That grace period was honored and then extended well beyond the 60 days in an attempt to come to a mutual agreement. 

Five months later, OEG and the City of Edmonton’s proposal was unanimously voted down by the CPRA Board of Directors last week after careful consideration. CPRA President, Murray Milan, says this decision was a very difficult one for the Association to make, but the board is unified in their decision.

CPRA General Manager and part of the CFR Negotiating Committee, Dan Eddy, explains just whom they are making this decision for. “From our perspective, this is about our members, fans and sponsors of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association. After several months of back and forth proposals, we felt that the CPRA, OEG and the City of Edmonton all made concessions in an attempt to come to an agreement on the proposal. However, our focus is doing what is best for those members, fans and sponsors that expect us to pursue the best possible opportunities for the sport they love,” said Eddy.

In light of this decision, the CPRA has thrown the chute gate open and the Board of Directors has now authorized the CPRA Negotiating Committee to pursue the opportunities that have been presented. Request for proposal documents will now be to sent to all cities that have shown interest in hosting the event, including the city of Edmonton who the CPRA will continue to work with to ensure the 2016 CFR strives to be the best finals in it’s 43-year history.

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