Clay Elliott at National Western Denver, January 2015


RodeoHouston Wild Card athletes take advantage of a second chance to compete in Super Series Championship, Saturday, March 19.



The RodeoHouston tie-down roping arena record did not stand a chance tonight as Adam Gray backed into the box. With a 7.4-second run, Gray earned himself a spot in Saturday’s Championship and a RodeoHouston arena record.

“I knew I had to be really aggressive tonight, and it just worked out for me,” Gray said. “This may be the best run of my career.”

Advancing to Championship (winnings to date):

Adam Gray — Seymour, Texas — $8,000
Chase Williams — Stephenville, Texas — $4,750



Placing fifth during Semifinal 2, and just missing the cutoff for the Championship qualification, Caleb Bennett came into the Wild Card with a vengeance. His 81-point ride placed him on top. Bennett said he plans to keep his mindset and pre-rodeo routine the same as Saturday night approaches.

“Going into tomorrow night I’m just going to do what I always do,” Bennett said. “Get a good night’s rest, don’t think about it and have fun!”

Advancing to Championship (winnings to date):

Caleb Bennett — Tremonton, Utah — $11,000
Casey Breuer — Mandan, North Dakota — $5,875


Colby Lovell and Kollin Von Ahn had a clean 4.5-second run, earning them a spot in the Championship. The Wild Card round winners have enjoyed their time atRodeoHouston.

“Houston is the best rodeo to go to, the hospitality is crazy,” Lovell said.


Advancing to Championship (winnings to date):

Colby Lovell — Madisonville, Texas; and Kollin Von Ahn — Blanchard, Oklahoma — $12,000
Clay Tryan — Lipan, Texas; and Jade Corkill— Fallon, Nevada — $10,000



Clay Elliot was the Saddle Bronc Riding Wild Card winner with an 86-point ride. Elliot said his goal is to remain focused going into the Championship on Saturday.


“I’ve been trying to keep a level head,” he said. “But, I’ve been having fun too.”


Advancing to Championship (winnings to date):

Clay Elliott — Nanton, Alberta, Canada — $5,500
Rusty Wright — Milford, Utah — $9,000



The steer wrestling competition heated up in the Wild Card round, but Stockton Graves dominated the event with a 3.5-second run.

“There’s only one thing you can do, and that’s to go fast,” said the past RodeoHouston Champion.

Advancing to Championship (winnings to date):

Stockton Graves — Alva, Oklahoma — $6,750
Tanner Milan — Cochrane, Alberta, Canada — $4,500



First-time RodeoHouston competitor Jana Bean is advancing to the Championship with her 14.18-second run. She will be competing for the $50,000 prize Saturday night.

Advancing to Championship (winnings to date):

Jana Bean — Fort Hancock, Texas — $6,000
Kaitlyn McLeod — Whitesboro, Texas — $5,000



Joe Frost was the only athlete to cover his bull in the Wild Card round, putting him in the race for the $50,000 prize. Frost did not give thought to his competitor’s performances. Instead, he focused on having a clean ride himself.


“You can’t think about everyone else’s rides,” Frost said. “Just focus on your job, ride your bull and hope the judges like what they see.”


Advancing to Championship (winnings to date):

Joe Frost — Randlett, Utah — $6,375
Kanin Asay — Powell, Wyoming — $5,750


The top two from each event in the Wild Card advance to the RodeoHouston Super Series Championship, Saturday, March 19. Each event champion will walk away with a $50,000 payout, in addition to previous winnings.


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