ProRodeo Weekend News Roundup - May 7th

Courtesy PRCA (

Courtesy PRCA (

Erickson keeps victory parade rolling


GUYMON, Okla. – It didn't take much more than a moment for steer wrestler Ty Erickson to create another winning moment.

The Montana cowboy, who is having a phenomenal season, added the Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo to his 2017 victory list. 

Erickson, claimed his latest title with a 13.0-second time on three head to win the average. 

"Man, anytime you can win a ProRodeo it means a lot," said Erickson who stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 245 pounds. "It doesn't matter whether, it's Helena (Mont.), Guymon (Okla.) or San Antonio, anytime you can win a rodeo against the caliber of guys who are going, it always feels really special." 

For Erickson’s latest victory, he earned $4,779 – $2,638 for the average.

Erickson came into this week leading the May 1 WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings with $95,501. 

" In steer wrestling, horsepower means so much, if you're riding a good horse it gives you a chance to win every time, and makes your job that much easier."

Erickson acknowledged this present regular season has been hard for him to fathom.

"This year has been unbelievable," Erickson said "It seems like every rodeo I've gone to, I've had chances to win. I have drawn a lot of good steers, but I also think a lot of it is that I've been able to ride good horses and travel with a good crew. We (Waguespack, Clayton, Hass, his traveling partners) feed off each other. If one man is not doing so well that week the other two are right there encouraging him to do good, I think that is what is what is pretty special about our rig." 

During his Guymon victory, Erickson was riding horsepower provided by Outlaw, a horse owned by his traveling partner and reigning world champion Waguespack. 

A year ago, Erickson arrived at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER as the season leader, but left Las Vegas in seventh place in the final world standings. 

"It is a long season and we are just going to keep going to the rodeos we go to, and try and win as much money as we can," Erickson said. "I didn't do so hot at the Finals last year and I pretty much learned that rodeo is pretty humbling and you just have to worry about one steer at a time and not worry about the last one."

Other winners at the $253,433 were all around cowboy Trevor Brazile ($7,199 tie-down roping, team roping, and steer roping), bareback rider Clayton Biglow ( 86.5 points on Pickett Rodeo's Bar Code), team ropers Charly Crawford/ Joseph Harrison and Brooks Dahozy/ Tommy Zuniga (23.6 seconds on three head), saddle bronc riders Heith DeMoss (87 points on Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo's Total Equines Angel Fire), and Rusty Wright (87 points on Powder River Rodeo’s Look Again), tie down roper Trevor Brazile (23.1 seconds on three head), barrel racer Tracy Nowlin (35.0 seconds on two runs), steer roper Brian Garr (41.0 seconds on three head), and bull riders Trevor Reiste (84 points on Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo's Bandit), and Roscoe Jarboe 84 points on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo's, Apollo's Gold).

Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo

Guymon, Okla., May 5-7


All-around cowboy: Trevor Brazile, $7,199, tie-down roping, team roping and steer roping.


Bareback riding: 1. Clayton Biglow, 86.5 points on Pickett Rodeo's Bar Code, $3,232; 2. Wyatt Bloom, 84.5, $2,478; 3. Jordan Pelton, 84, $1,831; 4. (tie) Kash Wilson and Tanner Phipps, 83.5, $970 each; 6. Jake Brown, 82.5, $539; 7. Luke Creasy, 82, $431; 8. Richmond Champion, 81.5, $323. 


Steer wrestling: First round: 1. Levi Rudd, 3.9 seconds, $1,758; 2. Ty Erickson, 4.4, $1,529; 3. Casey Martin, 4.5, $1,300; 4. (tie) Tyler Waguespack and Cody Cabral, 4.6, $956 each; 6. Tristan Martin, 4.8, $612; 7. (tie) Nick Guy, Hunter Cure and Tyler Pearson, 4.9, $178 each. Second round: 1. (tie) J.D. Struxness, Hunter Crawford and Jacob Talley, 4.2 seconds, $1,529 each; 4. Levi Rudd, 4.3, $1,070; 5. (tie) Kyle Irwin, Justin Shaffer and Tyler Waguespack, 4.4, $612 each; 8. Jon Ragatz, 4.5, $153. Third round: 1. Tyler Pearson, 3.4 seconds, $1,758; 2. Riley Duvall, 3.6, $1,529; 3. Trell Etbauer, 3.7, $1,300; 4. Jon Ragatz, 3.8, $1,070; 5. (tie) Ty Erickson, Jacob Talley and Mike Bates Jr., 4.0, $612 each; 8. Tyler Waguespack, 4.1, $153. Average: 1. Ty Erickson, 13.0 seconds on three head, $2,638; 2. Tyler Waguespack, 13.1, $2,294; 3. J.D. Struxness, 13.4, $1,950; 4. Jon Ragatz, 14.4, $1,606; 5. Casey Martin, 14.6, $1,261; 6. Tyler Pearson, 15.0, $917; 7. Justin Shaffer, 15.3, $573; 8. Cole Edge, 15.9, $229. 


Team roping: First round: 1. Clayton Hass/John Robertson, 5.9 seconds, $2,092 each; 2. (tie) Matt Sherwood/Walt Woodard and Manny Egusquiza Jr./Daniel Braman IV, 6.2, $1,683 each; 4. Rowdy Rieken/Ace Pearce, 6.3, $1,274; 5. Blake Hughes/Cody Doescher, 6.7, $1,001; 6. Tyler Wade/Clint Summers, 6.8, $728; 7. Charly Crawford/Joseph Harrison, 6.9, $455; 8. (tie) Tyler Wojciechowski/Wesley Moss and Kellan Johnson/Jhett Johnson, 7.0, $91 each. Second round: 1. Dustin Egusquiza/Kory Koontz, 5.4 seconds, $2,092 each; 2. Jr. Dees/Matt Zancanella, 5.8, $1,819; 3. (tie) Lane Ivy/Buddy Hawkins II and Trevor Brazile/Patrick Smith, 6.7, $1,410 each; 5. Logan Olson/Will Woodfin, 6.8, $1,001; 6. Brit Ellerman/T.J. Watts, 7.3, $728; 7. Cale Markham/Nick Simmons, 7.4, $455; 8. (tie) Chad Masters/Travis Graves and Wade Kreutzer/Kyon Kreutzer, 7.5, $91 each. Third round: 1. Tyler Wojciechowski/Wesley Moss, 5.7 seconds, $2,092 each; 2. Clay Smith/Jake Smith, 5.8, $1,819; 3. Luke Brown/Jake Long, 6.4, $1,547; 4. Brooks Dahozy/Tommy Zuniga, 6.7, $1,274; 5. (tie) Tyler Wade/Clint Summers and Brandon Webb/Kollin VonAhn, 7.0, $864 each; 7. Brian Dunning/Tad Sheets, 7.4, $455; 8. Jimmy Tanner/Jim Ross Cooper, 7.6, $182. Average: 1. (tie) Charly Crawford/Joseph Harrison and Brooks Dahozy/Tommy Zuniga, 23.6 seconds on three head, $2,934 each; 3. Brit Ellerman/T.J. Watts, 23.9, $2,320; 4. Brett Christensen/Dawson McMaster, 24.4, $1,910; 5. Cole Cooper/Ryon Tittel, 24.8, $1,501; 6. Shay Carroll/Nano Garza, 27.5, $1,092; 7. Jimmy Tanner/Jim Ross Cooper, 28.1, $682; 8. Manny Egusquiza Jr./Daniel Braman IV, 28.9, $273. 


Saddle bronc riding: 1. (tie) Heith DeMoss, on Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo's Total Equines Angel Fire, and Rusty Wright, on Powder River Rodeo's Look Again, 87 points, $3,056 each; 3. CoBurn Bradshaw, 84.5, $1,961; 4. Tyler Corrington, 83.5, $1,269; 5. (tie) Jake Wright, Wyatt Casper and Joey Sonnier, 82, $615 each; 8. Tyrell J Smith, 81.5, $346. 


Tie-down roping: First round: 1. Jesse Clark, 7.3 seconds, $1,787; 2. EJ Roberts, 7.6, $1,554; 3. Trevor Brazile, 7.7, $1,321; 4. Catfish Brown, 7.9, $1,088; 5. (tie) Joe Colletti, Ryan Jarrett, Marcos Costa and Riley Pruitt, 8.0, $505 each. Second round: 1. Tuf Cooper, 6.8 seconds, $1,787; 2. Tyson Durfey, 7.1, $1,554; 3. (tie) Tyler Prcin, Michael Otero and Marty Yates, 7.2, $1,088 each; 6. (tie) Ryan Jarrett and Shane Hanchey, 7.3, $505 each; 8. Chris Demases, 7.5, $155. Third round: 1. Trevor Brazile, 7.3 seconds, $1,787; 2. Caddo Lewallen, 7.5, $1,554; 3. (tie) Trell Etbauer and Shane Hanchey, 7.7, $1,204 each; 5. Cimarron Boardman, 7.9, $855; 6. (tie) Ryan Jarrett and Michael Otero, 8.0, $505 each; 8. Cory Solomon, 8.1, $155. Average: 1. Trevor Brazile, 23.1 seconds on three head, $2,681; 2. Ryan Jarrett, 23.3, $2,331; 3. Shane Hanchey, 23.4, $1,982; 4. Cory Solomon, 24.9, $1,632; 5. Michael Otero, 25.1, $1,282; 6. Tyson Durfey, 25.9, $932; 7. Sterling Smith, 26.0, $583; 8. Catfish Brown, 26.1, $233. 


Barrel racing: First round: 1. Sidney Forrest, 17.40 seconds, $2,205; 2. Shea Durfey, 17.53, $1,890; 3. (tie) Tammy Fischer and Davie King, 17.56, $1,470 each; 5. Tracy Nowlin, 17.59, $1,050; 6. Britta Thiel, 17.60, $840; 7. Jessi Fish, 17.71, $630; 8. (tie) Lake Mehalic and Morgan Breaux, 17.72, $367 each; 10. (tie) Jodi Colton, Carmel Wright and Jackie Ganter, 17.73, $70 each. Second round: 1. Hailey Kinsel, 17.20 seconds, $2,205; 2. Stevi Hillman, 17.38, $1,890; 3. Tracy Nowlin, 17.41, $1,575; 4. Carmel Wright, 17.45, $1,365; 5. Dona Kay Rule, 17.46, $1,050; 6. (tie) Cayla Small, Jodi Colton and Kelly Tovar, 17.49, $630 each; 9. Tiany Schuster, 17.50, $315; 10. Becki Mask, 17.51, $210. Average: 1. Tracy Nowlin, 35.00 seconds on two head, $2,205; 2. Hailey Kinsel, 35.02, $1,890; 3. Sidney Forrest, 35.04, $1,575; 4. Carmel Wright, 35.18, $1,365; 5. Jodi Colton, 35.22, $1,050; 6. (tie) Lake Mehalic and Tammy Fischer, 35.25, $735 each; 8. Becki Mask, 35.28, $420; 9. Mary Walker, 35.34, $315; 10. Carley Richardson, 35.36, $210. 


Steer roping: First round: 1. Cody Lee, 12.6 seconds, $1,938; 2. Brian Garr, 12.8, $1,604; 3. K.W. Lauer, 13.1, $1,270; 4. John Bland, 13.2, $936; 5. Coy Thompson, 13.6, $602; 6. Luke Bland, 14.0, $334. Second round: 1. Marty Jones, 11.4 seconds, $1,938; 2. Scott Snedecor, 11.7, $1,604; 3. Coy Thompson, 11.9, $1,270; 4. J. Tom Fisher, 12.2, $936; 5. (tie) Shay Good and Rocky Patterson, 12.4, $468 each. Third round: 1. Vin Fisher Jr., 9.7 seconds, $1,938; 2. (tie) Chet Herren and Scott Snedecor, 9.9, $1,437 each; 4. Rocky Patterson, 10.1, $936; 5. Cody Scheck, 10.5, $602; 6. Mark Milner, 10.6, $334. Average: 1. Brian Garr, 41.0 seconds on three head, $2,908; 2. Shay Good, 42.8, $2,406; 3. K.W. Lauer, 44.3, $1,905; 4. (tie) Darin Suit and Cody Scheck, 49.0, $1,153 each; 6. Billy Good, 50.6, $501. 


Bull riding: 1. (tie) Trevor Reiste, on Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo's Bandit, and Roscoe Jarboe, on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo's Apollo's Gold, 84 points, $3,313 each; 3. Boudreaux Campbell, 83, $2,125; 4. Justin Hendrix, 82.5, $1,375; 5. (tie) Kyle Zeigler and Jeff Askey, 82, $750 each; 7. John Pitts, 80.5, $500; 8. Joe Frost, 80, $375. 


Total payoff: $253,433. Stock contractor: Pete Carr Pro Rodeo. Sub-contractors: Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo, D & H Cattle, Pickett Rodeo, Powder River Rodeo and Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo. Rodeo secretary: Linda Alsbaugh. Officials: Chuck Hoss, Butch Kirby, Mike Todd and Sam Minnick. Timers: Joyce Short and Jodi Crippen. Announcers: Ken Stonecipher and Andy Stewart. Specialty act: Justin Rumford. Bullfighters: Jake King and Clay Heger. Clown/barrelman: Justin Rumford. Flankmen: Slick Jones II, John Franzen and Dusty Duba. Chute bosses: Art Alsbaugh, John Gwatney and Casey Harp. Pickup men: Tommy Pettit and Josh Edwards. Photographers: James Phifer and Dale Hirschman. Music director: Benje Bendele.

For more coverage of the Gymon (Okla.) Pioneer Days Rodeo, check out the May 26 issue of the ProRodeo Sports News.

Resistol Sophomore Saturday: Roscoe Jarboe

Teaming up with Resistol, the hat maker linked to the rodeo cowboy since 1927, is introducing a new series called “Sophomore Saturday.” For the next 10 weeks, we will speak with the 2016 Resistol Rookies of the Year in each event, with all 10 second-year athletes shedding light on their sophomore seasons.

Indicative of the rigors of competing on the PRCA circuit, stacking wins and top-finishes in a tight schedule is a feat worth commending. So far in his second full season, bull rider Roscoe Jarboe has managed to buck any set of expectations he or anyone may have had. Not only has Jarboe announced his presence with authority, his riding has demanded his acknowledgment. 

Resistol’s Bull Riding Rookie of the Year in 2016, Jarboe is currently ranked third in the WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings as of May 1. Having accrued $57,109 this early in the year, Jarboe trails only Garrett Smith ($75,493) and Ty Wallace ($60,275). With his rookie season behind him, Jarboe believes his maturation within ProRodeo can attest to his springtime success. 

“I have the same mental game, but as far as inside the arena, I learned that I can’t take every bull the same,” Jarboe said. “But that’s just part of growing up and learning the sport and taking your hits and going with it.”

Jarboe’s debut season in the PRCA ended with a Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualification, where he finished ninth in the world standings, including a win in Round 2. The WNFR did more than just fuel his cravings to return to Vegas. It taught him how to approach the magnitude of the sport’s most prestigious rodeo. 

“I had to prepare my mind for that event,” Jarboe explained. “But I mean, it is just another rodeo, but it’s also a lot bigger than all the other rodeos. It’s the Finals, it’s where everyone wants to be. 

“I just gotta prepare myself this next year if I make it there, and I’ll just have to tell myself that this is what you’ve been doing all year, these are the same bulls. You have to ride each bull the way that they’re supposed to be ridden.”

Jarboe’s standing at third in the world in his respective event was aided by his $27,033 win at the San Antonio Rodeo (Texas), as well as high finishes at the San Angelo (Texas) Rodeo and the Red Bluff (Calif.) Round-Up. Such a consistent stretch has Jarboe centered for the rest of the summer. 

“I feel pretty good,” the Idaho cowboy said. “I didn’t have this much money won last year, and I definitely went to a lot more rodeos last year by this time, but if I can just keep riding my bulls and getting to where I want to go it should work out just fine and hopefully move up a couple more spots.”

Every 2016 Resistol PRCA Rookie of the Year received a customized cowboy hat from the industry’s premier hat maker. Even though the warm weather hasn’t allowed Jarboe to wear his Resistol cowboy hat as often as he’d like, he didn’t hesitate to say it’s “the best Resistol hat I’ve ever had.” 

Being named a Resistol Rookie of the Year certainly has its perks. 

For the Record: Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo

Four arena records from 2007 remain intact at the Guymon (Okla.) Pioneer Days Rodeo, which kicks off today. Over the next two days, we’ll find out if any of these 10-year-old records, and others, will be broken. 

Cody Ohl set the Guymon record for most money won in all-around with $14,107 in 2003. 

Bareback rider Matt Mosher set the Guymon standard with his 90-point ride on Smith, Harper and Morgan’s River Boat Annie in 2005. One year prior, bareback rider Jason Havens set the Guymon record for the two-head average with 172 points in 2004. 

It was a big year for steer wrestling in 2008 as Jason Miller set the Guymon record with 2.9 seconds and Luke Branquinho went for 10.9 on three head. Meanwhile, Kirby Kaul’s 2001 record of 16.3 on four head remains untouched. 

Team ropers Landon McClaugherty and Tommy Zuniga set the Guymon record in 2013 with a 4.6. Meanwhile, the team roping average records for Guymon are held by Coleman Proctor and Jake Long with their 20.0 on three head that was set in 2015; and Frank Graves and Monty Joe Petska’s 35.5 on four head remains intact.

Saddle bronc rider Glen O’Neill set two Guymon records in 2005 with his 91-point ride on Smith Pro Rodeo’s Big Jet and then going for 172 on two.

Tie-down roper Hunter Herrin raised the bar in 2011 when he landed a 7.0-second time. Herrin returned to Guymon in 2012 and set another record by going for 23.6 on three head. Meanwhile, Fred Whitfield’s 2006 record of 33.4 on four head remains untouched. 

Barrel racer Cassie Moseley was on fire in 2007 as she set an arena record with her 15.83-second run in the final round and clocked in at 49.86 seconds on three runs. The following year, Tammy Key-Fischer set a Guymon record for the two-run average with 33.32. 

Steer roper Dan Fisher’s 8.6-second time remains unmatched since 1990. Meanwhile, Landon McClaugherty set the five-head average record in 2009 with 63.1, not too far behind Guy Allen’s six-head average record of 77.4 that was set in 2000.

Bull rider Tyler Smith’s 93-point ride on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Rio Bravo in 2013 remains unmatched, and Wesley Silcox’s arena record of 179 on two-head remains intact since 2007.