Get Well Wises for Steven Peebles

We extend our prayers and best wishes for a quick recovery to Steven Peebles who was injured earlier this week at the Livingston Roundup. Our thanks to who shared Steven's Facebook post...

Steven Peebles at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital

As I'm sure you all have all heard the news that I was hurt pretty bad as this is first time I've been on here. I was 86 at Livingston and leading it but horse was a little wild and moved my hand in my riggin one jump which cracked my binds and right at the whistle my hand came out and backed doored me. I landed flat on my back pretty hard and was hard enough to cause some pretty good damage.

Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend Marie Mae who I love so much too get on an update you all on here that night! To see how much support I have on here from everyone all the messages, comments, calls, everything completely blew mind how many people were praying for me! It warms my heart so much and brought a tear to my eye to read all the messages from so many people afterward!! I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for all those prayers from all of you guys sounds like you all lit heaven up that night to have god send lots of angels to be by my side because I was only minutes from dying that night so wanna give another special thank you for them I needed everyone of them. Also to one of my best friends & traveling partner Brian Bain cause I couldn't really decide which hospital I wanted to go to cause I wanted to get to Billings so at least if something was wrong Brian could fly to rodeos we had next day and he wasn't worried about rodeos as bad as my health and didn't care if he missed the rodeos if I was hurt, and think he could tell I was hurting pretty good and I was but felt to bad I wanted him to get to Billings even tho I knew I needed to probably stay as well but he turned around and said your getting checked at hospital here.

So he took me in Livingston hospital, and thank god he did cause thats then we found out my ribs were broken and my lungs were almost halfway full of blood from a busted artery! And I was rushed to Bozeman right away in an ambulance where my blood pressure was getting less and less every few minutes and lungs were filling up that was longest 20 minute drive I've ever been on in my life. We got to the hospital where immiadatly found out my lungs were now 80% full I was starting to drowned on my own blood! They instantly ran a hose up my leg all the way up the artery in my ribs where they could get the artery blocked off and then they stuck a big hose thru my side into my lungs and drained them in right amount of time!!!

Thank you Jesus 🙏🙏that was way too close I found out later from the doc if we would have went to Billings that night I would have never made it would have died on the way!! Thank you Brian Bain who didn't care not the slightest bit over missing his rodeos and staying back to make sure I got looked at and was more concerned over my health than anything and it ended up saving my life in the end!!Thank you so much pal!!! 

Tomorrow, day 4 I'm hopefully getting out of here to go home and heal up for a few weeks so I can hopefully get back on again soon! I'm pretty weak still lost over 3 liters of blood thru my lungs and was pumped out. It was a miracle I'm alive they told me here, they didnt know if I was gonna drowned or bleed to death first but either way I got lucky I was just minutes away, but with all those prayers and good lord upstairs he me live and I am very very very thankful!!! Thank you to everyone taking time coming in to visit with me, praying for me , thinking of me, all the text calls, FB messages everything!!! It means so much to me words don't explain. Also to my great sponsors who stick by my side even tho it seems I've been getting hurt a lot lately but they still support me a ton, and couldn't thru all this without all there great support!! 

Thank you 
God Bless


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