Team ropers Brown and VonAhn get big win

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Team ropers - header Luke Brown and heeler Kollin VonAhn are no strangers to success.

The duo has qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo the past two years in a row. The 2015 season hasn’t been full of highlights, but Brown and VonAhn were all smiles at The Days of ’47 Rodeo (July 22-26).

Brown and VonAhn clocked a blistering 3.4-second run to win the team roping crown at Salt Lake.

“That’s one of the fastest times I’ve had in my life,” VonAhn said. “It was a tough rodeo. There was a 3.6, 3.8, and a couple of 4.1s. It was such a good rodeo, and usually you don’t have the opportunity where you go for the win and win or you miss. That’s what we were up against on that run and it was perfect. I couldn’t see the clock, but when I heeled him I knew it was fast. I wasn’t sure how fast just because it’s not like I have been 3.4 (seconds) a number of times. When I looked up and saw Luke and he was pumped up I knew we were really fast.”

Brown and VonAhn each collected $8,613 for the win, which was a huge jolt for them. Brown was 20th in the header July 20 Windham Weaponry High Performance PRCA World Standings. VonAhn was 19th in the heeler standings. Each had $31,471 in winnings.

“We were the last team out in the rodeo and it was do or die because the rodeo was so tough,” Brown said. “You had to make a great run to win something and it worked out. I told myself I wasn’t going to worry about the barrier, I was just going to go as fast as I could, and I knew I didn’t break the barrier. I told my wife (Lacy), that was probably the happiest I’ve ever been at a rodeo. That’s the fastest time I’ve ever recorded. This win gave us a big boost because we needed to have a big win. Hopefully we can keep this momentum going.”

Other winners at the $330,811 rodeo were all-around cowboy Trevor Brazile, ($10,125, tie-down roping and team roping), bareback rider Orin Larsen (83 points on Flying 5 Rodeo's Rio's Edge), steer wrestler Trevor Knowles (3.9 seconds), saddle bronc rider Rusty Wright (90 points on Big Bend Rodeo's Kool Toddy), tie-down roper Trevor Brazile (6.9 seconds), barrel racer Sarah Rose McDonald (13.30 seconds), and bull rider Wesley Silcox (86 points on Big Bend Rodeo's Undertaker).

The Days of 47 Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah, July 21-25

All-around cowboy: Trevor Brazile, $10,125, tie-down roping and team roping.

Bareback riding: 1. Orin Larsen, 83 points on Flying 5 Rodeo's Rio's Edge, $11,336; 2. (tie) Brian Bain and Clint Cannon, 82, $7,558 each; 4. (tie) Evan Jayne and Jessy Davis, 81, $3,401 each; 6. Winn Ratliff, 79, $1,889; 7. (tie) Jake Vold, Chase Erickson, Trenten Montero, Clayton Biglow and Kody Lamb, 78, $529 each. 

Steer wrestling: 1. Trevor Knowles, 3.9 seconds, $7,930; 2. (tie) Beau Clark, Luke Branquinho and Tommy Cook, 4.1, $6,260 each; 5. Blake Knowles, 4.2, $4,591; 6. Dean Gorsuch, 4.4, $3,756; 7. Tanner Brunner, 4.5, $2,922; 8. Dirk Tavenner, 4.6, $2,087; 9. (tie) Cole Edge, Baylor Roche, Wyatt Smith and Tyler Pearson, 4.7, $417 each. 

Team roping: 1. Luke Brown/Kollin VonAhn, 3.4 seconds, $8,613 each; 2. Jake Cooper/Tyler McKnight, 3.6, $7,706; 3. Matt Sherwood/Quinn Kesler, 3.8, $6,800; 4. Coleman Proctor/Jake Long, 3.9, $5,893; 5. (tie) Garrett Rogers/Jake Minor and Chad Masters/Travis Graves, 4.1, $4,533 each; 7. Bubba Buckaloo/Russell Cardoza, 4.2, $3,173; 8. Trevor Brazile/Patrick Smith, 4.3, $2,267; 9. Charly Crawford/Shay Carroll, 4.4, $1,360; 10. Cody Snow/Dugan Kelly, 4.6, $453. 

Saddle bronc riding: 1. Rusty Wright, 90 points on Big Bend Rodeo's Kool Toddy, $10,744; 2. Sam Spreadborough, 85, $8,237; 3. (tie) Cody Taton and Spencer Wright, 83, $5,014 each; 5. Cole Elshere, 82, $2,507; 6. Steven Dent, 80, $1,791; 7. Troy Crowser, 79, $1,433; 8. (tie) CoBurn Bradshaw and Heith DeMoss, 78, $537 each. 

Tie-down roping: 1. Trevor Brazile, 6.9 seconds, $7,858; 2. Michael Otero, 7.1, $7,031; 3. Timber Moore, 7.2, $6,204; 4. Adam Gray, 7.5, $5,377; 5. (tie) Tuf Cooper and Monty Lewis, 7.6, $4,136 each; 7. (tie) Hunter Herrin and Clay Long, 7.7, $2,482 each; 9. (tie) Matt Shiozawa and Catfish Brown, 7.9, $827 each. 

Barrel racing: 1. Sarah Rose McDonald, 13.30 seconds, $8,385; 2. Jana Bean, 13.50, $6,708; 3. Alexa Lake, 13.53, $5,450; 4. Christine Laughlin, 13.58, $4,192; 5. Kimmie Wall, 13.59, $3,354; 6. (tie) Shelby Herrmann and Christina Richman, 13.64, $2,306 each; 8. Samantha Lyne, 13.66, $1,887; 9. Britta O'Keeffe, 13.72, $1,677; 10. Jessica Jones, 13.74, $1,467; 11. Layna Kight, 13.78, $1,258; 12. Terri Wood Gates, 13.79, $1,048; 13. (tie) Morgan Breaux and Laura Kennedy, 13.85, $734 each; 15. Nicole Riggle, 13.87, $419. 

Bull riding: 1. Wesley Silcox, 86 points on Big Bend Rodeo's Undertaker, $11,018; 2. Jeff Askey, 82, $8,447; 3. (tie) Dalton Votaw and Beau Hill, 81, $5,142 each; 5. (tie) Cole Echols and Kanin Asay, 80, $2,204 each; 7. (tie) Chandler Bownds, Reid Barker and Sage Kimzey, 78, $857 each. 

Total payoff: $330,811. Stock contractor: Diamond G Rodeo. Sub-contractors: Flying 5 Rodeo and Big Bend Rodeo. Rodeo secretary: Eva Chadwick. Officials: Butch Kirby, Gary Case and Monty Van Komen. Timers: Jeri Reeder and Kris Williams. Announcer: Mike Mathis. Specialty acts: OneArmBandit Payne and Slim Garner. Bullfighters: Kyle Lippincott, Aaron Hargo and Donny Castle. Clown/barrelman: Slim Garner. Flankmen: Cyndi Gilbert, Chad Hutsell and Lukas Andersen. Chute bosses: Steve Gilbert and Keith Gilbert. Pickup men: Bret Reeder and John Lewis. Music director: Derreld Yost.