Sage Kimzey has Good Time at Spanish Fork

SPANISH FORK, Utah – The last time reigning PRCA world championship bull rider Sage Kimzey climbed aboard Frontier Rodeo's Good Time Charlie things didn’t end well for him.

The Strong, Okla., cowboy was bucked off almost immediately at the Wrangler Champions Challenge presented by Justin Boots May 30 in Spanish Fork.

“He’s a big-time bucking bull with a lot of power and he dang sure manhandled me the first time I got on him,” Kimzey said. “He beat me out of the bucking chute and had me beat from the word go.”

Kimzey exacted a measure of revenge with an 89-point ride on Good Time Charlie to win the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo (July 21-24).

“I had a little bit more of a game plan when I rode him (July 22) and it worked out good,” Kimzey said. “I was really looking forward to the rematch, and I knew if I rode him I would get a big score. He made a big long leap and went left and he’s a really strong bull and he was moving forward the whole time and I had to have my ducks in a row to get him rode.”

Kimzey was thrilled to win for the first time at this Wrangler Million Dollar Tour silver rodeo at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds.

“Last year I pulled my groin at Cheyenne (Wyo.) and I didn’t get to come to this rodeo, and it means a lot to get the win here.” Kimzey said. “It has been a rough two weeks. I haven’t drawn the best bulls and I haven’t rode at the level I like to keep myself at. So, bouncing back with a big win at a tour rodeo like Spanish Fork means the world to me.”

A year ago, Kimzey had a spectacular rookie season.

Kimzey earned $318,631 and ran away with not only the world title, but also the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo average buckle as well as the PRCA Resistol Rookie of the Year award, and the RAM Top Gun Truck.

In 2015, he’s proving he was no fluke. Kimzey was leading the July 20 Windham Weaponry High Performance PRCA World Standings with $80,401.

“At the start of the season, I let the expectations of other people probably affect me a little bit,” said Kinzey, 20. “Then, I just calmed myself down and realized that I hold myself to higher expectations than anybody else in the world. As long as I try hard and I’m happy with my riding that’s all I need to worry about.”

Kimzey acknowledged he’s also not fixated on finishing first in the regular season standings.

“Hopefully I will come into the NFR with the lead, but if not there’s so much money (to be won) at Finals this year,” Kimzey said. “I’m not going to try and go to 125 rodeos this year before the Finals.”

Other winners at the $227,857 rodeo were all-around cowboy Josh Peek ($8,710, tie-down roping and steer wrestling), bareback rider Kaycee Field (88 points on Frontier Rodeo's Full Throttle), steer wrestler Tyler Waguespack (8.1 seconds on two head), team ropers Joel Bach and Jim Ross Cooper (8.7 seconds on two head), saddle bronc rider Rusty Wright (88 points on Frontier Rodeo's Wild Bill), tie-down roper Josh Peek (16.0 seconds on two head), and barrel racer Taylor Jacob (16.86 seconds).

Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo

Spanish Fork, Utah, July 21-24

All-around cowboy: Josh Peek, $8,710, tie-down roping and steer wrestling.

Bareback riding: 1. Kaycee Feild, 88 points on Frontier Rodeo's Full Throttle, $5,689; 2. R.C. Landingham, 86, $4,362; 3. Jake Brown, 85, $3,224; 4. (tie) Ty Fast Taypotat and Richmond Champion, 84, $1,707 each; 6. Bill Tutor, 83, $948; 7. Evan Jayne, 82, $759; 8. (tie) Winn Ratliff, Will Lowe, Tanner Aus and Devan Reilly, 81, $142 each. 

Steer wrestling: First round: 1. Tyler Waguespack, 3.7 seconds, $2,023; 2. (tie) Wade Sumpter and Bray Armes, 4.3, $1,627 each; 4. (tie) Sean Mulligan, K.C. Jones and Josh Garner, 4.4, $968 each; 7. Billy Bugenig, 4.6, $440; 8. (tie) Clayton Hass, Trevor Knowles, Chase Black, Dirk Tavenner and Casey Martin, 4.7, $35 each. Second round: 1. Ty Erickson, 3.9 seconds, $2,023; 2. (tie) Bray Armes and Joshua Clark, 4.1, $1,627 each; 4. (tie) Blaine Jones and Sterling Lambert, 4.2, $1,099 each; 6. Tanner Brunner, 4.3, $704; 7. (tie) Tyler Waguespack, Jason Thomas, Shayde Etherton, Jake Woolstenhulme, Nick Guy and Justin Shaffer, 4.4, $103 each. Average: 1. Tyler Waguespack, 8.1 seconds on two head, $3,035; 2. Bray Armes, 8.4, $2,639; 3. Joshua Clark, 9.0, $2,243; 4. Blaine Jones, 9.1, $1,847; 5. (tie) Chase Black and Beau Clark, 9.8, $1,253 each; 7. Josh Peek, 10.1, $660; 8. (tie) Nick Guy and Craig James Smith, 10.2, $132 each. 

Team roping: First round: 1. Clay Smith/Paul Eaves, 3.7 seconds, $2,403 each; 2. Aaron Tsinigine/Ryan Motes, 4.3, $2,089; 3. Rhen Richard/Cole Davison, 4.4, $1,776; 4. (tie) Brady Tryan/B.J. Campbell and Joel Bach/Jim Ross Cooper, 4.5, $1,306 each; 6. (tie) Charly Crawford/Shay Carroll and Justin Davis/Trey Johnson, 4.6, $679 each; 8. (tie) Pace Freed/Cody Pearson and Tyler Wade/Kinney Harrell, 4.8, $104 each. Second round: 1. Doyle Hoskins/Wyatt Cox, 3.7 seconds, $2,403 each; 2. Adam Rose/Walt Woodard, 3.8, $2,089; 3. (tie) Chace Thompson/Richard Durham, Derrick Begay/Clay O'Brien Cooper and Tyler Wade/Kinney Harrell, 4.0, $1,463 each; 6. Trevor Brazile/Patrick Smith, 4.1, $836; 7. Joel Bach/Jim Ross Cooper, 4.2, $522; 8. (tie) Zayne Dishion/Tommy Zuniga and Travis Whitlow/Tyler Whitlow, 4.3, $104 each. Average: 1. Joel Bach/Jim Ross Cooper, 8.7 seconds on two head, $3,604 each; 2. Tyler Wade/Kinney Harrell, 8.8, $3,134; 3. (tie) Chace Thompson/Richard Durham and Trevor Brazile/Patrick Smith, 9.1, $2,429 each; 5. Rhen Richard/Cole Davison, 9.2, $1,724; 6. Justin Davis/Trey Johnson, 9.4, $1,254; 7. Pace Freed/Cody Pearson, 9.6, $784; 8. Caide Roberts/Chase Sullivan, 11.2, $313. 

Saddle bronc riding: 1. Rusty Wright, 88 points on Frontier Rodeo's Wild Bill, $4,963; 2. (tie) Wade Sundell and Cort Scheer, 85, $3,309 each; 4. (tie) Isaac Diaz and Jesse Bail, 84, $1,489 each; 6. (tie) Bradley Harter, Cody DeMoss, Heith DeMoss, Chad Ferley and Allen Boore, 81, $397 each. 

Tie-down roping: First round: 1. (tie) Cory Solomon and Josh Peek, 8.1 seconds, $2,233 each; 3. (tie) Trey Young and Stetson Vest, 8.5, $1,610 each; 5. (tie) Robert Mathis and Hunter Herrin, 8.7, $987 each; 7. Chase Williams, 8.8, $519; 8. (tie) Bart Brunson, Marty Yates and Reese Riemer, 8.9, $69 each. Second round: 1. (tie) Shane Hanchey and Josh Peek, 7.9 seconds, $2,233 each; 3. Riley Pruitt, 8.0, $1,766; 4. Ryan Jarrett, 8.1, $1,454; 5. (tie) Cory Solomon and Chant DeForest, 8.2, $987 each; 7. Matt Shiozawa, 8.3, $519; 8. Brady Brock, 8.4, $208. Average: 1. Josh Peek, 16.0 seconds on two head, $3,584; 2. Cory Solomon, 16.3, $3,116; 3. Robert Mathis, 17.6, $2,649; 4. (tie) Hunter Herrin and Ryan Jarrett, 17.8, $1,948 each; 6. Adam Gray, 18.4, $1,246; 7. Clint Nyegaard, 18.6, $779; 8. Marcos Costa, 18.7, $312. 

Barrel racing: 1. Taylor Jacob, 16.86 seconds, $5,566; 2. Mary Walker, 16.92, $4,453; 3. Sue Smith, 16.97, $3,618; 4. Victoria Williams, 16.98, $2,783; 5. Kelly Larsen, 17.02, $2,226; 6. Christine Laughlin, 17.04, $1,670; 7. Nancy Hunter, 17.06, $1,391; 8. Andrea Jones, 17.08, $1,252; 9. Vickie Carter, 17.09, $1,113; 10. Andrea Busby, 17.10, $974; 11. (tie) Kimmie Wall and Jordan Bassett, 17.11, $765 each; 13. McKale Hadley, 17.13, $557; 14. (tie) Michelle Lummus and Katelyn McLeod, 17.14, $348 each. 

Bull riding: 1. Sage Kimzey, 89 points on Frontier Rodeo's Good Time Charlie, $5,414; 2. (tie) Brett Stall and Dalan Duncan, 86, $3,610 each; 4. (tie) Kody DeShon and Elliot Jacoby, 85, $1,624 each; 6. Joe Frost, 83, $902; 7. Kanin Asay, 82, $722; 8. Patrick Geipel, 80, $541. 

Total payoff: $227,857. Stock contractor: Frontier Rodeo. Sub-contractors: Mo Betta Rodeo, Harry Vold Rodeo and JK Rodeo. Rodeo secretary: Debi Davis. Officials: Allan Jordan Jr., Glenn Sullivan, Bill Pacheco and Mike Jones. Timers: Terri Gay and DeeDee Dickinson. Announcers: Will Rasmussen and Don Gay. Specialty acts: OneArmBandit Payne and Mandy Payne. Bullfighters: Joe Butler and Richie Harris. Clown/barrelman: JJ Harrison. Flankman: Heath Stewart. Chute boss: Tom Neuens. Pickup men: Bobby Marriott, Gene Brown and Rex Bugbee. Photographer: Greg Westfall. Music director: Hambone Hilton.