Pre race rains made for a slightly slower racetrack at the Ponoka Stampede on Monday night. Night 4 was the last chance for the drivers to try and get into the top eight for “Semi Final Tuesday.”

When the night was complete, it was Kirk Sutherland who topped the overall aggregate standings with a four-day total time of 5:06.22, and will be joined by Colt Cosgrave, Jordie Fike, Obrey Motowylo, Kurt Bensmiller, Jason Glass, Logan Gorst and Evan Salmond are who made the cut and will compete in Tuesday’s semi-final round. Codey McCurrach ended up in the crying hole, 9th place overall, and just missed the semi-final round by just 22 one-hundreds of a second.

The top 4 times from Tuesday’s semi-final round will qualify into the $50,000.00 Tommy Dorchester Sudden Death Championship final heat where the winner will take home the 2015 Ponoka Stampede Championship.

As far as day results are concerned, it was Kurt Bensmiller who cashed the top cheque after posting the fastest time of a off night with a 1:17.21. Colt Cosgrave placed second on the night; John Walters was third, with Logan Gorst and Jason Glass rounding out the top five on the night.

The Semi-Final round of the Ponoka Stampede Championship can be heard on WPCA Pro Tour LIVE on Tuesday night, June 30, 2015 at 9:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Central, and 7:00pm Mountain time on Rural Radio on SiriusXM Channel 80 or on Country 99 at 99.7 FM out of Bonnyville.

The boys took some track with em tonight on a muddy Ponoka Stampede track #HookTheMudders