Rodeo Road Adventures

Bray Armes

Beginning of the "Summer Run" | June 15, 2015

Three hours past our “time to pull out”.. we get the big rig rolling down the driveway and headed north out of Pilot Point, TX…our newly called “HOME”. Loaded down with 4 horses, 3 Steer Wrestlers, a barrel racer, two kids, a French bulldog, and “Peanut the Rodeo Glider” (my daughter’s pet sugar glider.. just google it) we embark on a new adventure and new way of life for our family. You see we’ve always been a rodeo family to some degree…. But in the most recent years we’ve been a “separated” family during the bulk of the rodeo season. This time of year is typically full of excitement along with sadness and tears when we say good-bye to Daddy for 3 months. However, in result of a statement Bray made at the end of the 2014 rodeo season… “Next year ya’ll are going with me.. or I quit”…. We stand here looking at the yellow brick road the Lord has layed out before us. You see, if it wasn’t for God, NONE of this would be possible. SO Many things had to fall into place at JUST THE RIGHT TIME (God’s perfect Timing)  for this opportunity to be possible for the Armes Family to “RODEO” together…. That is a whole OTHER Testimony I’ll share at a later date!! But for now, we’re back to the Big Rig headed north, loaded down with.. well, you know that part

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