Why Local SEO Matters For Your Business

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Terry Middleditch:

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You may have heard of search engine optimization (SEO) for achieving top search engine rankings. Local SEO is quickly becoming one of the most important elements of SEO for businesses. Local search engine optimization involves the process of maximizing your search engine results based off of your geographical area. Working your way to the top of local search engine queries improves business traffic because you will be easier to contact, and easier to find for your local audience. Here are some of the top reasons that Local SEO has become a major marketing focus for many businesses today.

  1. Mobile device support: more and more people are browsing the web on their mobile devices. Almost 60% of Google traffic today is done primarily on a mobile device and as a result this means that customers will be searching for your business while they are on the go. If your business doesn’t come up as part of the close proximity search or a local search, you could be missing out on lots of traffic and business without this optimization.
  2. Search engine algorithms: search engine algorithms are now emphasizing individual results for each user. This means that a search engine begins to learn from every set user, and will begin to display local businesses on top of all other search engine results. If a search engine is unable to determine the location that your business is in, you could be missing out on a top search engine spot.
  3. Increased local search tools: as well as changing algorithms, Goole has improved local search tools for businesses as well. Local search tools such as Google My Business, help to convert customers by showcasing a rating of the business, addresses for the business, maps of the area around the business, and applicable photos of products and the location. With all of this information available in an easy search pane users in your local area can quickly determine if they want to come to your establishment. Without the proper optimization & correct listing information, you could be turning

As you can see from these examples, Local SEO should matter to every business.  Contact Terry Middleditch (terry@rational-media.net or 403-560-0632) today and find out how o44social can help your business.