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Editor's Note from Terry Middleditch:  

Here at Rodeo Country Radio we are proud to be your online source for the latest Rodeo & Country Music News & Timeless Country Tunes. To help develop & expand our content we are looking for advertisers to partner with.


These days, there are many ways & places to spend advertising & marketing dollars for your business, product or service.  From traditional media (Print, TV, Radio) to digital media (Web, Facebook Twitter) the options are endless. The days of effective mass media advertising are gone.  The good news is with targeted online marketing you reach customers wherever they live unlikegeographical limitations of traditional media.

Online Marketing helps take the guesswork out of advertising decision making matching your company’s brand, products & serviceswith shared interests & values.  represents the embodiment of those interests & values with our internet radio station & website dedicatedto Rodeo, Country Music & the Western Lifestyle.  We provide Marketers & Advertisers exclusive access to a Pure Media Environment that’s all about the & Country & Western way of that we are so proud to be a part of every day.

Over the past three years, Rodeo Country Radio with a loyal group of Rodeo & Country music fans has built an intense following of thousands of regular visitors online & interacting with us on social media.  Rodeo Country is the One Stop Destination for fans to feed their hunger for the latest Rodeo, Country News & Entertainment. 

And let there be no doubt….there is a huge appetite, passion & love for Rodeo, Country Music & Western Lifestyle.  Millions of fans attend western events (rodeo, bull riding etc.) and concerts annually and are avid daily listeners of country music.  Good News for Marketers is that Rodeo & Country Music go together like Burgers & Fries.  And Even Better News is Rodeo Country Radio is the ONLY Place Online that specializes in both Rodeo & Country Music News & Entertainment.

Rodeo Country Visitor Profile Info. shows (expressed as a percentage of total audience) 55% are Female, 45% Male, 55% have Household Incomes of $75,000.+ and where they live… 72% live in the USA, 22% in Canada and 18% reside in Texas & 22% are from Alberta.  From consumer goods to western clothing & apparel, tack supplies, agricultural goods & services, truck & vehicle purchases to rodeo & country music events and much more Rodeo Country Radio will help build your company brand with customized marketing opportunities to fit any size budget.

 Are you bucking to take your company’s advertising to the next level?   Come inside the Rodeo Country Radio Advertising Arena andGet‘More Buck for Your Buck’.  

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