Terry Middleditch - Reaching Out For Help



Editor's Note from Terry Middleditch:

This post was published tonight on LinkedIn about connecting with my professional network in the search for career & business opportunities.


I never thought in my lifetime, things would turn out the way they have experiencing very tough times, literally being on the verge of homelessness.  

How did this happen?   Was it bad luck, bad timing, big mistakes or missed opportunities?   Actually, they all played role in my career misfortunes.   However as difficult as it has been to move forward picking myself up, dusting myself off and continuing on with a positive & purposeful attitude, it has nonetheless been necessary.

Fifteen years of pursuing a dream of running my own business (with a couple of pit stops…taking other jobs to pay the bills) I always thought the stick-to-it determination of mine would pay off at some point.  I paid a huge price for my entrepreneurial spirit sacrificing financial security and a whole lot more.

More than once a collision course occurred of chasing dreams attempting to turn them into a thriving business mixing with the need to look for and obtain full or part time work.  Over the years, dreams and reality have clashed several times.   Although the dreams haven’t necessarily come true, the passion and the fire still burn deeply.  Call it stubborn pride or a dogged desire to succeed, I’ve solidered on dealing with many seemingly insurmountable obstacles thrown into my path along the way.

All that I’ve gone through personally and professionally has brought me to an important & potentially life changing crossroads. These days, I’m swimming against the tide finding it very difficult to right the ship and chart the proper course in my life again.  On board with all my hopes, dreams, talents, passions plus lots of baggage that’s piled up as well.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve thrown overboard lots of unnecessary stuff to live more simply and hold on to what truly matters.

Going through a life inventory it became clear that I come alive when talking about or taking part in activities that centre on rodeo, country music, western lifestyle and marketing. Together, they represent the passions of my life.   Developing an online radio station & web portal (RodeoCountryRadio.com) has been a labor of love.   However, like other rodeo projects I have been part of, the enormous time & resources invested don’t generate the revenue necessary to justify current methods of operation.

I’m blessed with many professional friends & relationships and it’s been very rewarding to reconnect and interact regularly through LinkedIn.  I also have had the great privilege of obtaining introductions to lots of new people, greatly expanding my professional network. 

My purpose in publishing this post is to reach out & ask for help from my LinkedIn network.   Ideally, I would love to be able to combine my businesses (Rational Media Rodeo Marketing & Rodeo Country Radio) and help the rodeo industry grow and thrive with professional marketing expertise and further expansion of related online ventures. To properly achieve those goals it requires funding from an ‘angel investor’ that would be interested in a solid business opportunity combined with an intense desire to help grow and preserve rodeo and the western lifestyle, its heritage & values.

 Over the past two months, looking forwork during daytime business hours and in the evening feeding my rodeo habit has been stressful indeed,  being unable to land a job in the Calgary, Alberta area.  Which means, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to put my rodeo andmarketing dreams on hold and focus totally on finding work wherever I can.

Reaching out to my LinkedIn network, if anyone can help with investment or sales and marketing opportunities, please contact me by email - terry@rational-media.net or by phone - (403) 560-0632.

I am truly looking forward to and am confident of the new career & business opportunities this post will generate in the days ahead.