Building Successful Media Partnerships

Editor's Note: Rodeo Country Radio's Terry Middleditch has a written blog post on building strong & lasting media partnerships for fairs, rodeos & concert venues.

If you are the marketing planner for asignature rodeo, fair or concert venue, no doubt one of the most important tasks is creating strong relationships with media suppliers.  A true partnership takes lots of input & commitment from everyone to make it work.  The facts are that too many media suppliers do a minimal amount of promotion to support the advertising commitments made by the event planner.  And the sad news is that too many events either allow it to happen or are unaware there is a better way to handle things.

A true event/media partnership starts at the very beginning in the initial meeting,  where common marketing goals are identified and addressed.  Just like building a house, the foundation for the partnership becomes solid and lasting.  I’m personally proud to have been part of establishing media partnerships that are have educed for25 years.  Your main goal as event planner should be to create marketing partnerships that last. 

When selecting media partners it is imperative to look for outlets (Radio, TV, Print, Online) that match event demographics and the interests of patrons/fans.  Determining the best fit goes well beyond an ad buy, giveaways and on site exposure for media suppliers.  Partnership selection must focus on transferring the loyalty of the media’s audience (listeners/viewers/readers/followers) to your event.  There are several ways to do this however, the best partnerships employ a multi-layered approach that includes advertising, in kind sponsorship, media promotion and on site promotion. 

A key element of the partnerships comes fromthe synergy created by both events and media through their social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) thatwhen properly used in tandem can create a tidal wave of event promotion.  This allows for astrong social media presence pre, during & post event.

 It is important to take a close look at what the partners bring to the table.   The media suppliers beyond securing ad buys have a prime opportunity to promote their brand at a grassroots level in front of thousands of people who are either loyal partisans or new potential consumers of their media product/service.  On the flip side, picking the right media partners forsignature events will pay dividends beyond the simple economics of advertising exposure. It’s about more leveraging a signature brand with core event patrons sharing similar values with key media partners. Done right, it can be a great marriage with endless cross promotion possibilities.  


If you would like to learn more on ways to strengthen your event’smedia partnerships please contact Terry Middleditch at Rational Media - Email -  or Phone - (403) 560-0632