You Won’t Believe What’s Inside This Seemingly Ordinary Texas Barn


    BY LORIE LIEBIG Wide Open Country

    From the outside, this warehouse-style barn looks pretty typical. What you can’t tell is the amazing interior that’s hiding just through the doors of this unassuming building.

    Instead of farm equipment or tools, this warehouse-style unit, located in McKinney, Texas, is actually designed to be a cozy and expansive living space.

    Almost every square inch of the home is covered with warm, rich woodwork.


    The two-story home has an enormous wrap-around walkway that gives you an incredible view of the main living area. The design helps the space to feel expansive and homey at the same time.


    The old-school design elements continue into each room, including this bedroom fit for a royal.


    The barn is one of many designs from Morton Homes, which feature a very simplistic exterior design. All Morton Homes are custom built to each owner’s specifications. They range from massive two story compounds to smaller, more modestly-sized homes. Here are a few other examples.