You’ll Fall for These Addictive Whiskey-Bacon Cookies


BY LORIE LIEBIG Wide Open Country

It’s hard to find a person in the world who doesn’t have a soft spot for cookies.

No matter how picky you are, there’s a cookie recipe somewhere out there for you. If you live and die by a good piece of bacon and a strong cup of whiskey, then this killer recipe from But I’m Hungry will fill you with happiness.

These whiskey and bacon cookies combine all the flavors you love in a sweet and chewy cookie that’s accented with pecans and maple sugar. The combination of crunchiness, bitterness and intense sweetness comes together to create one of the tastiest deserts around.

If you want to try your hand at baking, you’ll be happy to see that the process is incredibly simple. You just need a handful of ingredients and a little bit of time to enjoy these indulgent cookies.

Check out the full recipe over at But I’m Hungry.