Introducing The Rodeo Country Business ‘Tell Me’

These days, there are many ways & places to spend advertising & marketing dollars for your business, product or service.  From traditional media (Print, TV, Radio) to digital media (Web, Facebook,Twitter) the options are endless. The days of effective mass media advertising are gone.  The good news is with targeted online marketing you can reach customers wherever they live unlikegeographical limitations of traditional media.

Online Marketing helps take the guesswork out of advertising decision making matching your company’s brand, products & services with shared interests & values.

Rodeo Country Radio is proud to introduce the Business ‘Tell Me’ as part of our three step process to creating major awareness of your company brand, products and services.

The Rodeo Country Business ‘Tell Me’  profiles your business, its history, uniqueness, products and services. We invite you to tell your business story to our loyal listeners & web visitors who live & love the western lifestyle everyday.  The Rodeo Country Business ‘Tell Me’ will be approximately 250 words in length with company photos and showcased on the ‘Sale Ring’ our Online Shopping Page. With our annual marketing Business ‘Tell Me’ campaign, your profile will be updated on a quarterly basis.

The second step in ouronline marketing plan for your company is harnessing our Social Media Resources sharing your Business ‘Tell Me’ on a weekly basis on Rodeo Country Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Pinterest) to over 9,000 followers. The best buck for your social media buck comes with repetition and user likes and sharing of messages.

The final step is placement of banner advertising in the ‘Rodeo News’ Section of  Over twelve months ALL Rodeo News stories posted will include your ad banner effectively targeting our rodeo fans across North America.

 Are you bucking to take your company’s advertising to the next level?   Come inside the Rodeo Country Radio Advertising Arena and Get ‘More Buck for Your Buck’.  

 To Cinch Up with Rodeo Country Radio, please contact Terry Middleditch today for all the details….  email - or phone - (403) 560-0632