How to Make a Wine Rack From Salvaged Wood

Having a well-made wine rack in your home can easily add a dash of class to your surroundings. Plus, it’s a helpful place to store all of your favorite bottles. Usually, a custom wine rack can cost you a big chunk of change. Recently, an Imgur user showed how he transformed a pile of old wood from a fence into a classy wine rack that would normally be expensive in stores.

First, he gathered up the wood he wanted to use. After making a mock-up of his design on a computer program, he got to work.

Before any cutting or nailing, he sanded down the wood to bring the wood back to its best condition possible.

He used a jigsaw to carve out the two pieces that would become the sides of the rack.

For the bottom of the rack, he used a piece of wood and drilled holes large enough for the wine glass stems to hang inside of.

Next, he measured out the slots that needed cut out so the wine glasses could slide in and out easily.

Simply cut out each slot, then buff with sandpaper to make it ready for your glasses.

After attaching the bottom to the two side pieces and it’s middle anchor, simply add a top and two pieces in front to keep in the bottles. If you have some time and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, it’s a fun and easy project that will spice up your kitchen.

To see the full instructions on how to make your own wine rack, visit Imgur