8 Ways to Use Horse Bits in Your Home Décor

Add a bit of western flair to your home with some horse tack. A bit is the actual metal piece used to communicate with a horse. Using them for home decor can say a lot about your sense of style. From toilet paper holders to towel racks to artwork, these western pieces can add function to bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. And, don’t forget about the holidays; they make beautiful wreaths, door hangers and decorations.

1. Toilet Paper Holder


Yes, let’s lead off with one of the most important accessories in your home. Stop chasing the toilet paper around the bathroom at night by using one of these unique holders. This one is so easy, it begs the question, “Why didn’t I think of that?” A new bit can be used simply by hanging it from a chain, purchased from the local hardware store. For the actual holder, use a dowel rod. Most hardware stores will cut both of these for you so be sure you take the lengths you will need.

Don’t want to mess with the chain? Simply nail a new or old bit to a small piece of reclaimed wood. You can use a dowel rod or, look, you might find that the plastic insert from a toilet paper holder will fit.

2. Curtain Tie-Back



This is one that I am definitely using in the near future. Be sure to ask for a Snaffle D-Ring Bit when you head to the tack store. This usage doesn’t even require additional hardware. You can use your existing tie-back loops or hooks and attach the bit with small ribbon or rope. How easy is that?

3. Drawer Pulls


Have you priced drawer pulls lately? Wow! This piece of hardware is outrageously priced. For the same price (or less if you are a bargain/antique shopper), you can find new or reclaimed bits. Again, shown are Snaffle D-Rings, but you can get creative now that you are thinking!

4. Kitchen Towel Holder

Let’s move to another room that needs a lot of function – the kitchen. Again, why did I not think of this? Look at how these bits are simply draped over the oven handle. The towel actually holds the bit together while adding a touch of style to your baking area. Just a thought – tie the bit together with a small piece of string so they don’t fall off when you remove the towel.




5. Artwork


If you have all the function covered in your home, but just want to add some flair try this treatment. Burlap can be purchased at any craft store. Paint a frame an old blue or patina hue and use the burlap as a background for older bits. You may have to hit the nearest antique store for this treatment. New bits just may not cut it. If you want to use a new bit, paint in a hammered brown or patina. Paint stores can give you an old look at a fraction of what you might think.

6. Lantern Holder

Take your indoors outside. By using some bits inside and incorporating the same decor on your porch, you can create some symmetry in your life. Attach a mason jar or any other candle holder to the bit using small rope or chain.

7. Door Decor

The perfect door hanger doesn’t exist. But this one comes close. You can change the ribbon by the season, and your neighbors will know that you rock!

8. Holidays

The holidays are never far away. Don’t worry, you have time to make your own holiday decorations or make a few of these for your friends. This one is made of a reclaimed bit, but you can use any bit you have by adding some berries and pine cones.