Luke Bryan Hopes ‘Move’ Will Get Fans Dancing


 LAUREN LAFFER • JULY 26, 2016 - 7:01 AM

hoto courtesy Capitol Records Nashville 

Luke Bryan recently released “Move” as the fifth single from his hit record, Kill The Lights. While the story may not be deep and insightful, the aim for the song was just to send a fun, party song out to fans.

“‘Move’ is all the fun you could want to have in a song in my opinion. It’s what I envision, big ole country dance clubs across the country playing that and it filling up and everybody having a great time,” the Georgia native said of the track he co-wrote.

Though Bryan enjoys the party aspect of the song, he also appreciates the symbolism within the lyrics.

“And when you talk about there’s a little inside story about a girl that moves to the south and she’s kind of shy and then she gets in with these kind of rebel crowd girls and they teach her how to let her hair down and all that, it’s pretty fun,” he explained. “A lot of imagery in that. Kind of a cool picture painted in that, and [I’m] really proud that I got to write that song with Michael Carter and Jay Clementi. We worked out butt off on it.”

“Move” is the fifth single from Kill The Lights and follows is 16th No.1 single, “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day.”