Fresh New Country: Tractor - Granger Smith

You gotta watch the new video from Granger Smith...Fresh New Country is proud to bring you this outstanding story told in song by Smith...anyone can relate to it, in particular those of us who grew up in 60's and 70's on a small family farm in the rural heartland of North America.

Making this video was very special to me. The man isn't an actor, it's my dad's lifelong best friend. This isn't a music video set, it's dad's barn, dad's field, dad's tractor. I still miss him every day.

Our friends from Sounds Like Nashville provide some background how this touching video was produced and released just before Christmas by Granger Smith.

Granger Smith Pays Homage to Late Father in ‘Tractor’ Video


The holidays can be an especially tough time for individuals who have lost loved ones and aren’t quite sure how to do Christmas without them. To help ease the pain, Granger Smith recently released a music video for his song “Tractor,” a fitting tribute to those who have loved and lost.

“Making this video was very special to me,” Smith wrote on Facebook. “The man isn’t an actor, it’s my dad’s lifelong best friend. This isn’t a music video set, it’s dad’s barn, dad’s field, dad’s tractor. I still miss him every day.”

The video, which has garnered over a million views since its posting, namely features Smith’s father’s friend, until the close when Smith and a little boy, likely one of his sons, make a cameo.

Smith wrote the track, which features lyrics like “Up on that tractor Things might be faster in the world / But big wheels rollin’ slow, Help you see what’s important / What really does matter, Up on that tractor,” entirely on his own.

“Tractor” is one of the album cuts from Smith’s major label debut album, Remington, which was released in March 2016.

“I’ve always thought of my albums as diaries of my life,” said Granger when the project was announced. “Some songs are easy and light-hearted, while others are painful and personal. During this time, we welcomed the birth of my little boy, and we lost my dad. My life was such a roller coaster during my time writing and recording ‘Remington,’ and you can hear that journey in these songs.”

Fans can pick up a copy of Granger Smith’s album, Remington, featuring “Backroad Song,” “If The Boot Fits” and “Tractor,” on iTunes.