Fresh New Country: Everywhere - Mo Pitney

Country Singing & Songwriting Legend Bill Anderson is a very big supporter of young talent in Nashville.  One outstanding example...Bill helped write the debut recording from an artist that has had the Nashville music scene buzzing for the last couple of years.  This buzzworthy singer/ songwriter is Mo Pitney.  From Pitney's debut album Fresh New Country brings you the video for the third single release "Everywhere":

For more background on Mo Pitney and the writing and recording of Everywhere, we share this recent story from Sounds Like Nashville

Mo Pitney’s New Music Video Goes ‘Everywhere’

 KELLY BRICKEY • DECEMBER 29, 2016 - 7:12 A

When Mo Pitney sang about “Everywhere” in his new single, he actually meant it.

The music video for his latest single emphasizes the meaning behind the song, showing scenes from all around the world and outer space. Going between shots of Pitney’s performances at other venues and a personal one-on-one with the song, the powerful meaning behind the video is what the country singer strived to convey throughout each clip.

“Early on, I talked with the video producer and was really excited about this song, and wanting to portray the deeper message to the reason why we wrote it. I knew I wanted to have pictures of different places on earth and in space, and make the word ‘everywhere’ as big as we possibly could. I just went in, the only part of making the video I was actually a part of apart from some of the editing and stuff was just the performance part where we went into a studio and recorded the video for that. But everything else, we really searched and made,” Pitney revealed to Sounds Like Nashville.

While the song, “Everywhere,” may relate to listeners on a universal level, Pitney had a close connection to the message and his team of songwriters wanted to use the spontaneous inspiration to capture their spiritual relationship.

“We [Phil O’Donnell and Dean Dillon] were in camp actually on a fishing and writing trip, which was very fun. We probably wrote five songs that trip, but this one in particular was just something that the three guys that wrote the song were in agreeance on. Actually, to let some people in on the secret, we were actually just stepping up from a bible study when we wrote this song and we wanted to write a song that could be about God or about anyone else the way that someone else would want to interpret it. Dean said, ‘Hey, let’s just write a song about what we just talked about in bible study, but also leave it up for interpretation.’ So that’s what we did. We called the song ‘Everywhere,’ and just really excited to see what it does,” he explained.

Check out the new music video for “Everywhere” and be sure to pick up Pitney’s debut album, Behind This Guitar, on iTunes.