Brothers Osborne Tackle Relationships in ‘Stay A Little Longer’ Music Video

By: Lauren Laffer Country Music Is Love

Brothers Osborne  just released the brand new music video for their latest single “Stay a Little Longer.”

“There are a lot of songs that are about being in love and a lot of songs about heartbreak, and this song is about that in-between stage,” John Osborne tells Billboard. “And that’s actually the hardest part of a relationship — when you don’t know.”

TJ Osborne wanted to visually represent the song’s message, without being too literal. “Sometimes you watch videos and they do exactly what you think they would, exactly what the song is saying — at that point, you don’t even really need to watch it,” he explained the video that was filmed in Murfreesboro, TN. “We wanted the video to drive and hone this idea that we’re all really the same in this feeling of uncertainty.”

The video tackles a number of different relationships, highlighting real life couples who were hand-picked by the brother duo. “We didn’t want it to be about one person or one couple,” TJ Osborne added. “We wanted to nail down the narrative that it’s really about something that we’ve all felt and been through.”

“Everything Brothers Osborne has done to date has been very honest and very real — we’re not bullshitting, we’re not lying, we’re not making it up,” John Osborne concluded. “We wanted this video to be genuine as well.”

Check out the video below…