Sounds Like Nashville Review: William Michael Morgan EP


 CHUCK DAUPHIN • Sounds Like Nashville


Traditional country music fans, there is hope. His name is William Michael Morgan. He’s a new artist on the Warner Brothers roster, and he brings to mind such 90’s stalwarts as Diffie, Byrd, and Walker. But, the interesting thing is each of those three artists were already having hits by the time Morgan drew his first breath.

A native of Vicksburg, Mississippi, Morgan resonates with a warm and inviting baritone vocal approach that has already made an impact with listeners on the top-40 debut single, “I Met A Girl.” The single has a definite 80’s vibe to it, which is very reminiscent of Keith Whitley’s early work, such as “Miami, My Amy” and “Ten Feet Away.” That sound continues on the retro-feel of “Lonesomeville,” which if you are a fan of the twangier side of Country Music, you will be very drawn to the track.


As good as those songs are, Morgan really seems to hit his stride on the old-school charm of “Vinyl,” which proves to be a definite winner. His voice really seems to wrap around the song in a memorable way. Then, there’s “Cheap Cologne,” which will win you over with one of those classic intros (and some great guitar work) that will remind you of late nights and smoky places that you might have endured in your life at one point.

You hear all the time about how traditional country is gone. That’s not entirely true. You simply have to look for it. And, in the case of William Michael Morgan, he’s definitely worth that look… and then some!