Chris Young Surprised By International Country Music Audience


By: Lauren Laffer

Chris Young is currently in Europe on his world tour, making stops in places like Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. Although he’s made trips across the pond before, the singer is still surprised by how many international country music fans there are.

“It’s crazy…flying, gettin’ on a plane, goin’ to another part of the world, gettin’ off, goin’, ‘I hope someone knows any of this,’ and you find a lot of people that know all of it,” Young explains. “I think the overseas crowd is great because they don’t really have like a country radio station. It’s just, they have a station that plays everything that’s popular, and for them to go out and really find American country music, they get online.”

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise to Young, who got the international low-down from fellow country star, Brad Paisley. “Brad Paisley warned me a long time ago, he goes, ‘Man, they will find songs; they will gravitate to whatever they naturally want.’ And he goes, ‘I had like an acoustic part in my show,’ and he goes, ‘I would ask the crowd what they wanted to hear.’ He goes, ‘We got over to Europe, they started askin’ for stuff off, like, my first record that was an album cut — it was like, track seven — and I was like, “Oh, man, I wrote that, and I don’t even remember it.”‘ And, it’s totally true.”

It still amazes the Tennessee native when he gets up on stage in front of an overseas crowd. “It was really weird standin’ on a stage in Australia in front of 10,000 people. It’s unbelievable that I have the chance to do that off of, you know, makin’ records in a studio in Nashville.”

Young is currently touring Europe and will soon return to the states to kick off his I’m Comin’ Over Tour in Savannah, GA on Oct. 22. His new albumI’m Comin’ Over, drops November 13.