Dustin Lynch is Single and Not Ready to Mingle


 LAURA HOSTELLEY • Sounds Like Nashville

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT

Dustin Lynch recently celebrated the success of his flirty single, “Mind Reader.” And while talking to media about his smooth-talking lyrics, he admitted that though he loves to flirt he’s not ready to make a commitment anytime soon.

“I am single still I’m not looking to get tied down at all,” the country singer admits to media in attendance. “I can’t even record an album I’m so busy. But a relationship is not going to happen.”

So ladies, don’t hold your breath waiting for him. But at least while we wait, there’s new music in the works to listen to, and according to Lynch it’s going to be hot.

“If I had to put one word on it right now it’s sexy. It’s very sexual so far, he continued. “I’m piecing it together I’m about halfway done with it, I’m taking my time and seeing how the fall shapes up. Selfishly see where country music goes a little more, it’s going everywhere right now.”

Through the 31-year-old’s development as an artist, he’s learned along the way that songs that allow him to flirt suit him best. And keeping that in mind, he does his best to write tracks that will help his fellow males, too.

“I can have one on one with 1000 people in the front row. It’s just a lot of fun maybe that’s why I’m leaning that way on the songs, I just have more fun performing those,” Lynch says of performing flirty lyrics. “That’s what I always want, something I’ve been reminding myself since day one of writing, how can we get the guys flirting with the girls.”

Lynch has yet to announce a project name or release date, but the lead single off the album, “Seein’ Red,” is now available.

“This next album I’m so fired up about and we’re only halfway done with it,” he said. “It’s going to be a big, big, moment.”