Jon Pardi Celebrates ‘Head Over Boots’ in Nashville


 KELLY BRICKEY • OCTOBER 27, 2016 - 12:20 PM


Photo by Steve Lowry

After Jon Pardi found out that his single went No. 1, he admits that his life didn’t drastically change overnight. But one thing he did experience, though, was that he’s even now more ‘Head Over Boots’ for country music and the platform it’s given him.

All puns aside, Pardi and Co. got together on Tuesday afternoon (Oct. 25) to celebrate his hit reaching the top spot on the country charts after all of the hard work and dedication that went into the track. Joined by co-writer Luke Laird and many other friends and family members, Pardi did what he knows best by commemorating the feat by bringing the fun to everyone around.

Marking his first-ever No. 1 on the country charts, Pardi had great reason to party with the crowd and recognized how cool of a feeling it is to be on top for a song he helped create.

“Well, it’s a huge accomplishment. We’ve been working at it for a while now and it’s been a great path to here. It’s even more exciting and just awesome in general to come here with a second record, first No. 1. You got a fan base and now you can finally just like boom! We made it! Just keep marching and I think it makes it real bittersweet,” he said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media outlets at the event.

As many listeners know, the traditional love song blew up over the past few months for its unique sound and catchy lyrics. Inspired by a trip with his dad down to Texas, Pardi knew once he had the melody and a couple lines that “Head Over Boots” would be something special in his career.

“I just wanted a song that would make everybody wanna dance and fit in that atmosphere. So the next day, I woke up and had a cup of coffee and came up with the melody and ‘I wanna sweep you off your feet tonight/I wanna love you and hold you tight/spin you around on some old dance floor.’ I knew it was awesome. I knew the melody, there was something special about it,” Pardi explained.

He also continued to point out how romantically driven the song tends to be without getting overly sappy or showcasing the negative parts of a relationship.

“Always said if you’re gonna have a dancing song, I want a song that first of all has a good dance beat but also talks about dancing and falling in love and having a good time to where it’s not like you’re dancing to, ‘She broke my heart and I hate her!’ We wanted that full around of a true love song and dancing,” he said.

Both Pardi and Laird were then presented with multiple plaques and awards for the single, as well as a unique gift from Creative Nation: a Cracker Barrel rocking chair with their names engraved in the back, respectively.

Taking his song, “Dirt on my Boots,” to country radio next, Pardi is sure hoping for another chance to be back on top and mark another milestone in his career.