Brad Paisley - "Country Nation"

Brad Paisley's fourth and likely final single from Moonshine In The Trunk" is also one of the best songs on the record. Listen to the new tune here.

A focus track for Brad Paisley's Moonshine In The Trunk from the very beginning of the album's life cycle last year, "Country Nation" is also one of the best songs on the record. It's loaded with twangy guitars, percussion which is anthemic but not hard rock and fiddles and banjos that serve the melody the way they always have, not as afterthoughts. Every line, every lick, they have a purpose in "Country Nation" and it is to serve to tell the story of America's most-popular music format and is a love letter to the fans, the radio genre and the country itself.

The Moonshine In The Trunk album has been a return to form of sorts for Paisley, returning to the core sound his fans expect while still finding places, like with "Country Nation," to shine and grow within his beloved genre.