Merle Haggard’s Customized Tour Bus Is on the Market

BY LORIE LIEBIG Wide Open Country

Attention all Merle Haggard superfans: You now have the opportunity to travel in style just like your musical hero.

It looks like Haggard’s pimped-out Super Chief tour bus is on the auction block for a mere $250,000. To keep the price in perspective, these type of tour buses usually go for upwards of $300,000 and most of those don’t have as cool of a backstory as this one.


Earlier this week, eBay user stevenallen44 listed the Super Chief, which is currently located in San Antonio, Texas. Even though the bus is almost 10 years old, the interior looks to be in excellent condition. This home on wheels has everything you need, from a full kitchenette to a cozy lounge area with satellite television and surround sound. In case you happen to forget who’s domain you’re residing, the name “Super Chief”, chosen by Merle, is embroidered on almost every inch of the bus.

There are plenty of sleeping quarters for any of your friends who want to hitch a ride. The bus has four bunk areas and a master bedroom in the back, once reserved for the country legend himself.

One of the most interesting features of this bus is its train horn, taken from the historical Santa Fe Railway. The handle for the horn is right next to the buses’ front seat, where Merle would spend hours riding from show to show.

All in all, this is one of those rare pieces of memorabilia that you don’t come across every day. Although no one has bid on the bus just yet, hopefully it’ll be preserved so many more Haggard fans can appreciate the small piece of musical history it represents.