Carrie Underwood Hopes Fans Can Relate To ‘Smoke Break’ Characters


By: Lauren Laffer

Carrie Underwood has been sending fans into a frenzy lately with all of the exciting news she’s announced – a new single, “Smoke Break,” a new album, Storyteller, and the entire track listing for the album. Now that she’s announced the news everyone has been waiting for, she’s giving the back story of how the lead single came to be.

“When we were writing ‘Smoke Break’ — myself, Hillary Lindsey, and Chris DeStefano — we wanted to make the song just super-relatable, so we picked characters and storylines that we thought people were experiencing in their own lives.”

“We kind of deal with the mom who is kind of runnin’ herself ragged takin’ care of her kids, and tryin’ to take care of her house and her, you know, husband and her, you know…still have her jobs, tryin’ to put food on the table, and you know, just kind of treadin’ water. It was just kind of all about everybody in their life has experienced some of that at some point,” the superstar explains continuing, “Just struggles with work and family and juggling it all, and then we picked this other guy who was tryin’ to live up to expectations and kind of, you know, strive for the highest thing, climb the ladder, you know, just kind of setting himself up. Hopefully, he’ll succeed, but it’s just about the pressure and about needing to take a step away from both of those scenarios, and the characters deserve to have a moment to themselves, in whatever that moment might be for them and whatever… however they may find peace, just for a second, you know?

The moral of “Smoke Break?” Your life’s still gonna be crazy when you come back, but you’ll be better able to handle it after you’ve had a second to kind of gather your thoughts. We thought those two things, those two storylines, people could really relate to because everybody’s experienced both of those things at some point in their lives.”

Underwood’s new studio album Storyteller hits shelves on Oct. 23. Check out the track listing HERE.