George Strait’s New Song is a Big Middle Finger to All the Radio Stations That ‘Kicked’ Him Outta Country

George Strait is being very vocal about where he fits in on modern country radio.

The “King of Country” is literally using his vocal talent to go after radio, the media format that cemented his music career, in his new song “Kicked Outta Country.”

Strait does not hold back:

"I just got the news today, the record I sent them they threw it away

It don’t fit the format, don’t make the list

They said I’m too old, won’t even be missed"

The country legend took the stage recently at Gruene Hall in Texas to sing the song in celebration of his latest album, “Strait Out of the Box Part 2."

In addition to performing, Strait also revealed the inspiration behind the lyrics that were co-written with singer-songwriter, Jamey Johnson.

The two were chatting after a charity event when a comment of Johnson's made a lightbulb go off in Strait's head.

According to Saving Country Music, Strait said:

“So I came off the stage and Jamey says, ‘So when you going back into the studio, I sure would love to send you some songs, I said ‘Sure, I’d love to hear them, but they probably won’t play them on the radio anymore.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, you know they kicked me out of country too.’ I got to thinking about that the next day, and I thought, ‘You know what, that’s a song title there.’ I texted Jamey and I said either you’re going to write it, I’m going to write it, or we’re both going to write it together. So we wrote it together.”

Strait doesn't stop with himself in the song, pointing out that he is not the only iconic country singer that this has happened to:

"It happened to Jones, and even The Hag

Willie and Waylon, and the great Johnny Cash

They all got kicked outta country back then

But then one day country came calling again"

The song ends with a nod to the fact Strait isn't changing anytime soon, “It don’t really matter, because I ain’t gonna change / Cause getting kicked outta country, won’t hurt a thing.”

You can listen to “Kicked Outta Country” here…