Reba McEntire’s Touching Tribute to Her Father, ‘Just Like Them Horses’


BY LORIE LIEBIG Wide Open Country


Reba McEntire reflects on the life and influence of her late father in the heart-wrenching new video for “Just Like Them Horses.”

Shot completely in black and white, the clip shows scenic imagery of horse running freely alongside shots of a reflective McEntire.

“How do you say goodbye?” she pleads in the song’s first lines. “How do you say goodbye to somebody who made you, raised you, taught you, disciplined you, loved you? How do you say goodbye?”

It’s a question that arises whenever someone is faced with the loss of their parent. McEntire’s father, Clark, passed away in October 2014. During his funeral, McEntire sang a live rendition of the track as a way of honoring his life. The raw emotion of that moment and McEntire’s loss is obvious in every line of the hauntingly beautiful track.

The video was shot on the family’s property in Chockie, Okla. McEntire’s mother, Jacqueline, also makes an appearance in the clip.

“Mama had to be in the video. She was and still is the glue to our family,” the singer explained to the Boot. “Without a doubt, the ranch wouldn’t be what it is today without her. She was the partner, bookkeeper, No. 1 hired hand, cook, my best friend and, as I said, the glue. So many times, things could have gone south, but she held us all together.”