Jerrod Niemann Debuts ‘Blue Bandana’ Music Video

Jerrod Niemann is getting back to his roots with his latest single, “Blue Bandana.” The breezy tune, which was written by Ben Goldsmith, C.J. Solar and Andrew Scott Wills, is at country radio now and is the first new music we’ve heard from Niemann since 2014’s “Buzz Back Girl.”

The Kansas native thinks fans may hear something a bit familiar when they listen to the song.

“The label had told me they wanted to get something out, and I hadn’t been writing because we’d been on the road so much and hadn’t found any songs,” Niemann recently told Billboard. “I just didn’t want to throw something out there. I wanted it to be right. I told the label that I wanted to find the types of songs that made me want to move to town. So far, we’ve recorded eight songs, and there’s a balance. ‘Blue Bandana’ has a very earthy tone like the first album. We just stripped it down. I told Jimmie Lee Sloas, who produced the record, that I wanted to get rid of all the effects and compression. We turned it all off and really deadened the sound like they did in the classic rock and Southern rock days. I feel that it really allows the record to breathe a little bit.”

The singer was also drawn to “Blue Bandana” because it sounds a bit different than anything else on country radio right now.

“I guess it’s just a character flaw in me,” he admitted. “If you are listening to the radio, and everyone is leaning in that direction, it’s my natural instinct to go the other way. It was fun to try out some different things and challenge myself in the studio, as a songwriter and producer, but this song is very much real-sounding with real instruments … and was something that was missing out there.”

Check out the “Blue Bandana” music video below.

“Blue Bandana” is the first single from Niemann’s forthcoming new studio album.